Finally, A True Justification for Outlawing Drag

Well, I have to admit it. I don’t like it, but facts are facts and I like to think that I am strong enough to admit that I’m wrong when confronted with unwelcome information.

The Santa Rosa Drag Coalition, made up of dozens of performance spaces with hundreds of performers and raking in tens of millions of dollars per year, has had to declare bankruptcy because of hundreds of cases of sexual abuse, many of which (though not all) targeted children, over several decades. The Drag Coalition’s deliberate concealment of risks and assistance to predators has made them liable for damages far exceeding their assets.

It’s horrifying to me that this real risk had to come to light this way, and I’m truly embarrassed at ever having portrayed drag as a harmless activity that does not groom children for sexual abuse and might even have some ancillary benefits to the society of Santa Rosa and the larger United States but…

I’m sorry? What’s that you’re saying?

It’s the Santa Rosa Diocese of the Roman Catholic Church and all the activities that exposed children to risk were religious activities and/or so-called “enrichment” activities hosted by the church and overseen by church employees?

It didn’t have anything to do with drag at all, just Christians doing Christian sexual abuse to children and others?

Oh, very sorry then. Didn’t mean to pass along bad information. I’m sure that we’ll be outlawing the exposure of children to Roman Catholicism before long as the US and its subsidiary governments are famously very evidence-based in their decision making.

Continue dragging it up as you were, kings, queens, and rogues. I’m sure that now that this is cleared up no Republicans will be coming after you.




  1. says

    It didn’t have anything to do with drag at all, just Christians doing Christian sexual abuse to children and others?

    I’ve been to a few revels at the episcopal diocese in Baltimore, back in the day, and it featured lots of adult men wearing dresses.

  2. moonslicer says

    Nice touch there. Oh, if it were us . . . but it isn’t us.

    One of my favorites is some cisguy pompously pontificating about how transwomen are a threat to ciswomen. I mean, we use the women’s loo, don’t we? But hang on a minute. Who has forever and ever been the traditional enemy of womankind? Wouldn’t that be mankind, i.e., cisgender mankind? So those of you in the cisgender male community, if you’re truly concerned about women’s safety, you might follow the example of your betters in the cisgender male community and you might save your scolding for the dregs of the cisgender male community rather than for the drag community.

    Dregs, not drag.

  3. ardipithecus says

    Men have worn robes and/or some form of dress for the vast majority of recorded history. As far as I am concerned cross dressing means dressing while angry.

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