Question for the Christians, especially the Catholics:

If Tuesday was for the Fat and Wednesday was for the Ash, is tomorrow/Thursday for the Soap Making?


  1. Peter B says

    Fat, ashes, and soap. That brings back memories.

    Over fifty years ago my wife and I lived in a duplex well into the boondocks. Our resident landlord representative, Mrs. J, complained when I mentioned I used the burn barrel to dispose of bacon fat. “No, please don’t do that. I use it to make lye soap.”

    She was a nice older very Christian lady. She even did our laundry using 3 different wringer-style washing machines. Only one wringer worked – no matter – the machines were placed so the wringer could service from any machine into one of the others. My wife and I hung our washed clothed on her clothesline. After we announced my wife’s pregnancy, Mrs. J insisted that she hang the washed clothes to keep my wife from doing things that might harm our first child. (Her efforts must have worked.)

    Now back to the soap. Her lye soap made whiter whites and whiter colors.

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