A Perfect Storm

The Seattle Storm have endorsed Biden/Harris

The team’s official Twitter account posted a graphic of the Biden/Harris campaign logo along with its team logo accompanied by a short statement that read: “Join us in support of @JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris.” The tweet also included a link for people to register to vote.

Now, get this: this was a move by management that they expected to be supported throughout the organization, but not one that came from the bottom up or even one that they felt the need to check in with others about. That’s right, the ownership of the sports franchise is moving forward with an endorsement of a political candidate on behalf not of themselves, but of the franchise – itself a violation of norms in the professional-sports category. On top of that, they’re doing it for the right reasons:

“We don’t typically endorse candidates, but these are NOT typical times,” Gilder wrote.

Added Trudeau: “Our country our world needs to show up and vote for a better future. …

Gilder said the group’s decision to come out in support of Biden and Harris was one representative of the team’s values. “There’s a certain value set that the Storm organization represents that we try to deliver on whenever the owners take a stand on anything,” Gilder said in a phone interview Wednesday. “I don’t think we caught anyone in our organization off guard.”

In endorsing Biden and Harris, Gilder said she hopes for a “return to civility,” along with a better handling of the COVID-19 pandemic and social justice needs. She also said she hopes for a White House that NCAA champions and women’s pro sports champions can return to.

That “social justice needs” quote? That comes in a context:

The WNBA, meanwhile, has been heavily involved in promoting social justice, highlighted by the league’s “Say her Name” campaign during the 2020 season, dedicated to Breonna Taylor

If we get the Seattle Storm & the rest of the NBA and the Trumpists get Chachi? I can accept that.



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