Love it or leave it.

I kinda love it.


  1. says

    “Love it or leave it” isn’t actually a bad idea. If you don’t love the place you’re living, why not leave it? Sadly, the Status Quo Wariors with whom that slogan is most often associated treated it as if “love it” meant “agree 100% that the USA! USA!! USA!!! is totes 100% perfect and without flaw of any kind”.

    All of which said and acknowledged… heh! I like this recontextualization of the slogan. I like it a lot.

  2. blf says

    I’m less than keen on “Love or Leave” — “Admire, Criticise, Improve” or somesuch seems better.

  3. says


    I took this to be intended to make people think, not make people leave. While my perceptions are my own and I wasn’t involved in the creation of this thing, my guess is that the creators don’t like the love/leave dichotomy either and are attempting to reduce future use by confronting the people most likely to use the slogan with unintended corollaries, and to force the question, “Who is this America dem speak of today?”

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