Don’t we all feel like Guard 2 sometimes?

Presented without comment:

You arrive at a gate with two guards. Guard 1 says: Halt, traveler. You must solve our riddle to continue. Guard 2 says: here we go... Guard 1: ONE of us only tells the truth. The other only tells LIES. Guard 2: Jesus Christ, Daniel, I said I was sorry.

Tweet from Conal Pierse


  1. vucodlak says

    @ John Morales, #1

    Guard 2 has evidently told a lie to, or possibly about, Guard 1. Guard 1 is mad, and the “riddle” is Guard 1’s passive-aggressive way of letting everyone, especially Guard 2, know about it. In other words, the point of the riddle is to call Guard 2 a lying liar who only tells lies with their liar’s tongue. Guard 1 has probably been riddling people like this all watch long.

  2. mikekaye says

    If guard 1 is lying (and we can’t be sure he isn’t) then the truth of guard 2’s statements can’t be determined.

  3. Callinectes says

    @4 The solution to the riddle is to ask one guard what the other would say, that way you can guarantee your answer is a lie. Make sure that your question has only two possible answers and you’re good to go.

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