Vote Now!

In PZ’s comment thread on defying science, the comment from chris at #183 reminded me that it’s past time I encouraged all y’all US citizens reading this rag, yes BOTH of you, that early, mail, overseas, and absentee voting has started either everywhere or almost everywhere.

Please take advantage of your voting options to make sure your opinion is heard!


  1. Bruce says

    I mailed my ballot back a week ago on Monday, and the signature was verified as valid last Wednesday. In Maricopa County, Arizona, it is now possible to get a text confirmation when each step happens in the Recorder’s office.

  2. lumipuna says

    Lately I’ve been getting repeated ads for one particular US state senate candidate in my Finnish IP. It’s not obvious from the ads what party she runs with, or in which state.

    Maybe Google hopes I’m a US voter abroad, because I so obsessively follow US political news.

  3. kestrel says

    We voted on Friday – it was great. The workers were very enthusiastic about people coming in and voting and it’s super easy, but yet there were no lines. We waited for the 2 people in front of us to vote which took about 5 minutes and in the meantime chatted with the workers. Now, understand: although this is a huge county (about 200 square miles) there are less than 5,000 people who live here. Keep that in mind when I say I was pleased to see I was voter number 200 from my county. The workers told us that there was a big turnout for early voting throughout the state.

    The interesting thing about where I live is that nearly all of us are farmers, AND nearly all of us tend to vote for democrats! Not all farmers, etc. !

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