Self Care – Justice League Trailer

You know what? This trailer isn’t terrible. I’m still afraid that they’re gonna cram way too much in too short a time frame with no cohesive structure… or maybe they’ve learned from past mistakes and stick to only shooting one major story for the one film, instead of six major stories for the one film… we’ll see.

As I’ve said in the past… whether or not I actually go out of my way to see this will depend entirely on how good Wonder Woman is. If Wonder Woman is good, then I’ll give Justice League a chance. If Wonder Woman is bad, then maybe I’ll catch Justice League on TV… maybe…

Oh and no, the main villain here is not Darkseid. The main villain is connected to Darkseid, but it’s not Darkseid.

Because I still want a cohesive Justice League DC Cinematic Universe, my fingers are crossed. But my expectations are as low as it’s possible for them to get, so…

Clinton Did Not Want to Assassinate Assange (Warning: Infuriating Twitter Convo and Rant)

This post is basically going to be a long Twitter conversation between myself and an asshole, along with interjections from me here. Please note that I cuss a lot here… also, this is not as long as it looks, because it’s basically a whole lot of tweets. So keep that in mind. You’ll move through it faster than you think…

Basic intro… I’ve got three posts now about WikiLeaks and their bullshit. Of course some people are angry at me for that…

*record scratch*

What? Hold up… *runs off to Snopes*

Oh… oh I see where that comes from… oh okay…

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Wow Wikileaks… Just… Wow…

I probably shouldn’t be surprised, and I’m sure many will say that to me, but…

I’m surprised.

I’ve already covered this, technically, but…

Again, I’m a big fan of whistleblowers. I am actually sick of the secrets of people in power, and if there’s shit to leak, especially from a government, it should be leaked, because we deserve to know… especially when that government is elected by the people of the country it governs.

One would think that whistleblowing would be a bi-partisan affair. I recall whistleblowing under both Bush II and President Obama, and just assumed it would continue under Trump. But even while that may be the case, it obviously won’t be happening with Wikileaks, which has clearly outlived its usefulness…

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It’s not okay. It’s not right, it’s not cool… it’s NOT FUCKING OKAY!

Listen up, white people…

We did this. We fucked up.

Listen up every liberal (myself included) who didn’t take Trump seriously…

We did this. We fucked up.

Maybe you want to know why I include myself, when I voted for Clinton? Because I’m still complicit in the Patriarchal White Supremacy that let this happen. As are you.

We should all be ashamed of ourselves.


And to women, people of color, the LGBTQ community, everyone who’s not Christian, everyone who’s not able-bodied…

I’m sorry. I’m so fucking sorry.


#BlackLivesMatter Keith Lamont Scott

This… I…

On Tuesday, September 20th, Keith Lamont Scott was murdered by police by his car near his apartment. This sparked protests (here’s a reminder before anyone starts bemoaning riots).

Police insist he had a gun. His family says he had a book he was reading in his car waiting for a family member to return home from school. Based on their history in these cases, I do not believe the cops. Keith’s family also says he was disabled.

Keith Lamont Scott, right, with his wife and son

Keith Lamont Scott, right, with his wife and son

His family has a GoFundMe. If you can afford to, please donate. If you can’t, please share. Thank you.

10 Cops Wounded and 3 Dead at BLM Dallas, TX Protest Sniper Attack

Two snipers have shot 10 cops, 3 of whom have died, at a Black Lives Matter rally in Dallas, TX. I’m doing my best to keep up with updates, but I have work early and have to go to bed, although I am utterly terrified right now.

It was only a matter of time before people snapped, and we’ve been well passed the breaking point for a long time.

That is not to excuse what has happened. Even if the two snipers turn out to be white, right-wing militants, this will be blamed on Black Lives Matter. This has shifted the narrative in a horrible way.

This is not good. If you are a person of color, especially if you are black, for the love of everything please please please stay safe. Please stay safe. This is not good.

Also, please use this thread to curate updates to the story. Through comments at the TWiBNation and TBGWT Facebook groups (who are reporting through Twitter), it’s become obvious that the story the media is reporting is not accurate to what eyewitnesses are reporting. So please post all updates here.

Thank you.

And again… please… stay safe.

(Oh… and note that I’m turning off first-time moderation for the sake of this post. It will be off until I put up my next post, unless that post is also time-sensitive. Be aware that any posts that are racist, that blame BLM, that blame black people, that critique this move [unless it’s framed within a critique of the police who started this], etc, will be deleted and the commenter banned. But also be aware that I need to go to bed [it’s 12:48am for me and I have work in the morning], so I won’t be back to this post for a while).

#BatmanvSuperman – Dawn of Frustration

So, I promised that this would be a spoiler-free review. I’m still going to keep to that, but it presents a pretty big problem:

It means that this review is not going to be as in-depth as I want it to be. The vast majority of the bad and the good are spoilers, some minor and some major. So, basically, all I’m capable of doing is giving general impressions for this particular review in order to avoid major spoilers. And my spoiler-heavy review won’t be coming until the extended edition is out in, I think, August, because I want to see that to see if it alleviates at least some of the problems I had with this movie.

That, happily, is one of the problems I can discuss without spoiling anything, so I’ll start there…

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