Self Care – Justice League Trailer

You know what? This trailer isn’t terrible. I’m still afraid that they’re gonna cram way too much in too short a time frame with no cohesive structure… or maybe they’ve learned from past mistakes and stick to only shooting one major story for the one film, instead of six major stories for the one film… we’ll see.

As I’ve said in the past… whether or not I actually go out of my way to see this will depend entirely on how good Wonder Woman is. If Wonder Woman is good, then I’ll give Justice League a chance. If Wonder Woman is bad, then maybe I’ll catch Justice League on TV… maybe…

Oh and no, the main villain here is not Darkseid. The main villain is connected to Darkseid, but it’s not Darkseid.

Because I still want a cohesive Justice League DC Cinematic Universe, my fingers are crossed. But my expectations are as low as it’s possible for them to get, so…


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