Conservatives Tell a Whopper (Video and Transcript)

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Also… I do say, in the video, that burning out on writing about Trump is part of the reason I stopped blogging. It’s been a few years since I last posted here about Trump, but it’s still true. That was my sigh of relief when he finally lost. I have almost no expectations for Biden to be truly progressive, although it does appear as if he’s been listening to Sanders a lot to start out his presidency so… maybe I’m wrong? I still have zero hope for any kind of truly universal healthcare program, but we might actually get a universal basic income! That’s pretty cool. I do wonder if the Green New Deal can actually get through Congress a little easier now, as well, but I’m not sure.

Finally, do yourself a favor and watch with the subtitles turned on… if you can. Doing so will provide a slightly fuller experience, I think…

Anyways… let’s get to the video and transcript…

Hello. How are you?

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I’m also using Shotcut, which I’ve never used before and don’t really know how to use. So the editing on this is really amateurish. It’s mostly very obvious jump cuts. So… you know… be kind. Right? Be nice. Give me a chance.

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So my brother and I… back before the January 5th special election here in Georgia… got a mailing from a pac called Georgia United Victory…

That’s a great name…

As I’m sure you can guess, it’s a conservative pac that supposedly is

dedicated to electing conservatives from across the Peach State who will stand on principle and put Georgians First. Our mission is to promote a government and elected officials committed to increasing educational and economic opportunities in every corner of Georgia.

First things first… I apologize for that being my accent. I thought about doing a Southern accent… you know like… doin’ it like this… ’cause I do live in Georgia… you know… and it’s all that fun stuff… but I decided not to because #NotAllSoutherners.

And number 2… you choose to elect… Conservatives… to promote educational and economic opportunities across Georgia?

Does this pac know what a Conservative is? Because no Republican gives a fuck about us. They definitely don’t care about the educational and economic opportunities of like 99% of us. If this pac really was dedicated to increasing the economic and educational opportunities of everyone across Georgia like it claims, it would be Socialist.

Just saying…

So anyways, we both found this particular mailing hilarious enough to make a video on it. And here’s why…

Here’s a whopper. The Democrats want to ban this burger.

It’s true!

(no it’s not)

The Democrat’s Green New Deal (oh… okay… here we go…) will ban hamburgers.

(no it won’t)

The Democrats are advancing a “Radical Socialist Agenda” that would destroy the fabric of our nation.

You know… just once, I’d actually like to live in this fairy tale world that Republicans have concocted where Democrats are “Radical Socialists”… ‘cause that would be amazing.

But they’re not.

Honestly, most Democrats really are just pre-Reagan Republicans.

And one of their top goals is to implement AOC’s Green New Deal.

No it’s not. A lot of Democrats… including, I believe, Nancy Pelosi… have shit on AOC’s Green New Deal, in some cases calling it “Socialist”.

Not only would the Green New Deal cost $93 trillion, but it would even ban eating hamburgers. It’s ridiculous,  but true.

So number one… points out that the Green New Deal doesn’t actually have any policy proposals that you can analyze the cost of…

So… technically… it doesn’t cost anything…

So… I don’t actually know where Conservatives get the $93 trillion number. Pretty sure they pulled that one out of their ass.

But also… “It would even ban eating hamburgers. It’s ridiculous, but true.” It’s definitely ridiculous. It’s definitely not true.

But we’re almost done….

The only way to stop the Democrat’s anti-American scheme is by voting for Kelly Loefler and David Perdue. They will stop Socialism and save America.

So number one…

Kelly Loefler and David Perdue lost. To which I say “HA HA!”

Number two…

they will stop Socialism and save America.

Save America!

By not helping the poor…

Save America!

By giving no one health care…

Save America…

By increasing both the number of empty homes and the homeless population…

save america

By exacerbating climate change and hastening human extinction…




Apparently, the people behind this pac don’t know what the word “whopper” means. So why don’t we start there?

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, it has two definitions:

1) something unusually large or otherwise extreme of its kind

2) an extravagant or monstrous lie

I would say that this claim about the Green New Deal is definitely a whopper of a whopper (about the Whopper)

And I can prove it simply by looking at the text of the Green New Deal.

So what I did is I went to the PDF and I searched for some very specific key words. Those words being beef, meat, hamburger, agriculture, and animal. Of those five words, only the word “agriculture” appears, and it only appears once. And the reason for that is because the House Agriculture Committee was one of the many committees that the Green New Deal resolution was submitted to.

That’s it.

The Green New Deal doesn’t say anything about the meat industry, about the agricultural industry, about beef… it doesn’t say anything about hamburgers. It doesn’t say anything about any of this.

So where does this odd claim come from?

Why are so many Conservatives so scared that the Green New Deal means the end of Hamburgers?

It actually all seems to stem specifically from Sebastian Gorka.

(At this point in the video is a clip of Sebastian Gorka at a previous CPAC conference lying to everyone about AOC and the Green New Deal.)

So where does Sebastian Gorka get the idea?

(This next clip is just a clip of HasanAbi calling out Destiny as a liar, but it fits here, as well.)

He just made it up. He’s got absolutely nothing to show for it… no evidence… Sebastian Gorka just lied to people.

(Back to HasanAbi calling out the lying again.)

That said, I do believe there might be about a nanogram of truth that Sebastian wildly distorted to come up with his… whopper… and that’s AOC’s proposal for a “Low Carbon Economy”. Which… yeah… would mean a reduction in meat production.

But it’s not forcing the country to “go vegan”.

Sorry, PETA, but this is not the legislation you’re looking for.

The reality is that the meat industry is a major driver of climate change. One of the biggest, actually. And a reduction in the industry… especially focused on pretty much ending the mass-produced side of the industry… you know… you know… where animals are kept in cages for pretty much the entirety of their short and miserable lives… where they’re tortured and treated like they’re not even sentient beings… before being slaughtered with probably a lot of diseases, then shipped off to grocery stores… that part of the industry… getting rid of that part of the industry would be a good thing.

Would the industry pivoting to purely organic, free-range farms mean an increase in the cost of meat, and thus an increase in the cost of your precious hamburger?


Yes, it would.

Would that be a bad thing?


No, it would not.

For starters, the Green New Deal… if implemented the way AOC wants it… would probably result in a $15 an hour minimum wage. It’s not because the Green New Deal actually says anything about raising the minimum wage, but AOC is a pretty big supporter of that movement. She’s championed it. In fact, she ran her original campaign on that along with a bunch of other things.

Honestly, on top of that, the Green New Deal could potentially create a lot of new jobs. Overall, it’s actually a great package for us workers under Capitalism, while not being so great for billionaires like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk.

But like… fuck Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk. Did you know that you could tax both of them at a 99% tax rate, and they would still be billionaires? They have so much money that their version of “going poor” would result in them still being billionaires.

That’s disgusting.

No one should be that wealthy.

Basically… yes, the cost of a hamburger might go up a bit. But your buying power will also go up. So while you’ll see the higher cost of the hamburger, you won’t feel it.

Obviously, the Green New Deal isn’t perfect.

Georgia United Victory, almost all Republicans, and many Democrats, continually fear-monger about the Green New Deal by calling it “Socialism”. For me, personally, though, I think the fact that the Green New Deal is not actually Socialism is probably its biggest failing.

It fails, miserably, to recognize the fact that the number one cause of Climate Change… the number one cause of class inequality… the number one cause of all the economic strife that 99% of us in the United States and 99.9% of us worldwide experience… is caused directly by Capitalism.

Capitalism itself is the problem.

The Green New Deal doesn’t call that out. It doesn’t focus on that… it doesn’t talk about that at all.

In fact, in reality, the Green New Deal itself is a Capitalist proposal. It does take some bits and pieces from Socialist ideas to help us… the working class… under Capitalism, but at the end of the day, it still supports the existence of Capitalism.

For me, as a Socialist… as someone who wants to abolish Capitalism… that’s a failure of the proposal.

Sadly, however, that may also be a big part of what makes it so popular across the United States. Because the reality is that most people… even otherwise left-leaning people… people who are in favor of tearing down hierarchical structures like Patriarchy and White Supremacy… have no interest in tearing down Capitalism. They’re either indifferent to its existence or are even happy with its existence. So they are socially left, but economically capitalists. And because of that, Socialism just is not a popular topic of conversation right now.

That’s changing, thanks to work of people like Bernie Sanders, the Squad, etc, but even Sanders isn’t actually a Socialist. It’s good that he’s demystifying the word, and making the word itself have a less negative connotation, but he’s not a Socialist.

I don’t think the United States is truly ready to have a conversation about abolishing Capitalism right now.

So… given that fact… we kind of only have the Green New Deal. And so as Leftists, I think we should support it. Because while it’s not Socialism… while it is Capitalism… it’s a step in the correct direction… it’s Left-Leaning Capitalism… which gets us closer to the ultimate goal of abolishing Capitalism.

We should be supporting the Green New Deal, alongside policies like Medicare for All, and Universal Basic Income, and Universal Food Stamps, and so on, because while none of these things are Socialism, they will positively impact workers under Capitalism, and go a long way towards freeing us from the threats, of poverty, homelessness, and in this case especially, Climate Change.


  1. brucegee1962 says

    I enjoyed reading the transcript for your video! I’m interested in what people have to say about things like the Green New Deal. While I generally like and support AOC, I haven’t fully thought through all her proposals. I agree that making the cost of hamburgers more reflective of their true cost to the environment would not be a bad thing (though I fear that driving up the cost of beef would be bad for the rain forest, but that’s a different problem).

    I greatly prefer text to video, though. I like going through information at my own pace, able to speed up or slow down or back up whenever I feel like it. Text is the perfect invention for that. Videos just make me bored. I guess that makes me a dinosaur. It’s also why I hang out here on FtB, rather than, say, Youtube.

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