Self Care – Pink Floyd Plays Money Live on P*U*L*S*E*

We’re visiting P*U*L*S*E* again. This whole show is actually a really great source of amazing guitar solos.

Because David Gilmour.


This one is the song “Money”. I’m giving you two videos, here, because the solos on the DVD are different from the solos on the CD. So you’re getting both…

What’s really cool about the song “Money” live is that they break down the middle section. Instead of just the three solos as in the studio song, they jam it out, giving everyone a chance to shine.

On this first video, which is actually video (so there’s something to watch), the first and second solos start after an epic saxophone solo at 3:07 and end at 4:35. After a break down, which does include Gilmour noodling around on his guitar, the third solo is actually played by Tim Renwick, starting at 6:05 and ending at 6:40. Gilmour then comes in with the fourth solo, which starts at 6:44 and ends at 7:22…

This next video is just audio. Same song, but different solos. Again, don’t miss that saxophone solo. As for the guitar solos… the first two solos start at 3:13 and end at 4:46. There’s more noodling, of course, although this time there’s only three full/proper solos, and the third one starts at 7:00 and ends at 7:40.


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