Self Care: George Carlin Live at USC 1977 – The Airline’s Perversion of Language (YouTube Video)

With the “your faves are problematic” acknowledgement, I love George Carlin. He was amazing at pulling apart words on phrases, and this has to be my favorite example:


  1. Johnny Vector says

    Amusingly, I have seen a gate in an airport. About the time that routine was recorded, probably, flying across the country to Flagstaff, via Phoenix of course. Landed in Phoenix, pulled up to the last jetway at the East end of terminal 3, and saw the Frontier flight to Flagstaff was at “gate 1”. PHX is laid out all in a line (well, it was back then), so I walked the entire length of the place, with the architecture getting older and older, until I got to the West end of the airport and Gate 1. There were about 6 of us. They let us out a door onto the tarmac, and damn if there wasn’t a chain link fence with a gate in it, and a Beechcraft G36 (or something like that) on the other side. Guy with a hat comes out, eating a burger, asks us if we wanna go to Flagstaff, opens the gate and lets us onto the plane. Then he climbs into the left seat and off we go. Even at the time though, I was amused by the presence of an actual gate.

    The pilot also gave us a mini air tour of Oak Creek Canyon on the way, which was pretty excellent.

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