Self Care – Emerson, Lake, and Palmer Play Karn Evil 9 (YouTube Video)

Since Mondays are Great Guitar Solos day on this blog, today’s Self Care theme is music.

I’ve already highlighted a bit of this in my GGS series here (1st Impression, Part 2). So now, I want to share the entire suite with you. It’s a masterclass in Progressive Rock, and is just incredible to listen to. Karn Evil 9 is made up of 3 Impressions, and the 1st Impression is split up into two parts.

I was hoping to bring y’all a live performance, but, sadly, I can’t find a full live cut of the song with video; I can only find audio. And the point of posting a live cut would be for y’all to watch the musical mastery of Keith Emerson, Greg Lake, and Carl Palmer. Since I couldn’t find that, here’s audio of the full studio version, from the album called Brain Salad Surgery. Since there’s no video here, you can just listen.

It’s a full 29 minutes and 39 seconds long.


  1. Rob Grigjanis says

    Yeah, of the longer pieces (20ish or more minutes) in roughly the same genre*, I’d put it up there with “Relayer” and “Close to the Edge” (Yes) and “Supper’s Ready” (Genesis).

    *I don’t know the exact boundaries. If Jethro Tull counts as prog rock, I’d add “Baker St. Muse”.

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