I have become a global trendsetter/lifestyle guru/influencer!

[CONTENT NOTE: anti-LBGTQi bigotry and harassment; language most foul.]

You know, I really hate to toot my own horn, people. But it remains a simple fact that I was housebound, taking paranoia-level precautions against infection risk, gorging myself on Netflix, hoarding unconscionable amounts of toilet paper, following the news and shitting myself* long before damn near everyone** on the planet recently decided to live exactly as I do!

You might think that by now, I’d have some timely wisdom to impart to you, hard won over these past few years while I’ve been consigned to countless stretches of involuntary isolation. Maybe I’d be servin’ up some pithy, practical tips-’n-tricks to help you navigate these perilous, life-changing, life-threatening times within the context of a “healthcare system” deliberately designed to generate wealth, in direct opposition to health.

Alas, nope. I got nuthin’. Except:


Also: good luck with that.__________

*What?! No! I am not going to admit publicly on my blog to literally shitting myself after my (second) ileostomy reversal! I used that phrase only figuratively…yep.

**Oh, I am exquisitely aware that not “everyone” is following my groundbreaking life choices. Just look at these @$$holes popping up today in my morning news scan:

“People filled bars like one in Appleton, Wis., on Wednesday night after the state’s Supreme Court struck down the governor’s stay-at-home restrictions.” (William Glasheen/Post-Crescent/AP)

And by “people,” I think it’s fair to say that The Washington Post editors mean “white dudes” because of course they do. (And because of course they are.)

But there are @$$holes a lot closer to home, too. Take this @$$hole for instance, as seen through my fire escape:

“@$$hole on Hudson Street, 5.13.20”
©Iris Vander Pluym

Now you may have heard that every night at 7pm New Yorkers collectively gather at their windows to make an enormous racket, banging pots and whooping it up, just like when it’s midnight on New Years but waaaaay too cold to leave the apartment. In fact you may have actually heard the noise yourself, because that shit is motherfucking loud. The cacophonous chaos is my beloved city’s daily ritual in appreciation of nurses, doctors, first responders and essential workers of all kinds. No one else here may know what day it is, but we sure as shit know what time it is.

Apparently so does the @$$hole. (And his @$$hole friends, too, who stood on the near corner out of range of my shot). Right on cue at 7 last night, the Maskless Minion of Mindless Misery began waving around his “TRUMP 2020 – KEEP AMERICA GREAT” sign 40 feet from my window.

As the raucous din died down, thence began his spittle-flecked shouting of this message in every direction for all to hear, whilst shoving his sign at the faces of passing people and at the windows of passing vehicles. My neighbors were shouting back things like “Go home!” and “You don’t belong here!” This last, of course, is not only a reference to the infamously liberal borough of Manhattan as a whole, but to the West Village in particular – you know: home of the 1969 Stonewall uprising and the world’s undisputed epicenter of LGBTQi culture and civil rights activism before AIDS decimated the local population and then a monsoon of straight white rich yuppies and super-rich absentee “residents” flooded the neighborhood and drove real estate prices right through the fucking stratosphere.

But this being New York and all, the neighborhood still stubbornly maintains its gritty grip on queerness, which is precisely why the @$$hole brigade was here in the first place – and not pulling this shit in…oh, say, Brownsville. If this were not plainly obvious already, it became crystal clear once their feckless leader began taunting my neighbors with “SISSY BOYS!!!” and “LOSER SOY BOYS, ALL Y’ALL!!!” and “YEAH I’M NOT LIVING HERE WHERE THE SOY BOYS LIVE, LITTLE GIRL!!! LITTLE GIRLY MEN!!! NEIGHBORHOOD FULL OF GIRLY-GIRLS!!!” (I do apologize to readers, but the man was speaking entirely in all caps and with multiple, non-ironic exclamation points.)

The rhetorical heat had risen, though not nearly to the high voltage I prefer when I fuck with conservatives. That’s when I decided to contribute my $0.02 to the verbal volleys and began shouting “Run him over!” at the passing cars and buses, and whining loudly with bitter disappointment as they missed him. Up until this point during his one-man troll show he seemed to be enjoying the back-and-forth jabbing and jeering, but at that he shut up for a moment, lowered his sign and spun around in my direction. “RUN ME OVER, THAT’S NICE,” he harrumphed. Well if anyone would know about “nice” it would be this dude amirite?

There were many, many witty and original zingers like:




He did get awfully quiet when a large black man on a bicycle stopped to engage him. Gosh, I wonder why that is?

“Do something else,” I heard someone say. “We’re getting bored.”

As we all know, conservatives are nothing if not boring, and so I would soon turn my attention back to my current Netflix binge.

Today I learned via my upstairs neighbor that these tools also made an appearance at the liquor store around the corner. That’s right: my liquor store. Not to buy booze though, just to taunt the extremely essential worker running the register with more tedious and unoriginal anti-queer barbs. And one of the @$$holes got himself arrested for spitting on a woman who told him to put on a mask.

Good times.

My first thought was I’m so happy these particular people are doing exactly the right things to catch COVID-19. Obviously our world would be a far better place without them in it. Unfortunately, that’s not how the virus or conservatives work. They cannot help but do their worst damage to the most vulnerable and defenseless among us. Kovid Karrying Konservatives are bound to infect not just each other at their junior fascist circle jerks, but other people upon whom they inflict themselves, many of whom have no choice in the matter.

Have a nice day.


  1. says

    Thanks chigau! I do have my down moments, but this tool’s 15 minute, one-man Trump rally sure wasn’t one of them. I did learn, though, that my neighbors have far less skill and/or experience torturing conservatives than I do. Maybe I should consider teaching a Zoom class? ;D

  2. Sean Boyd says

    I only lurk about here from time to time, but I would pay money for such a class.

  3. Sean Boyd says

    Hit enter too quickly. I managed to piss a Trumpkin off without trying a couple of days ago. Walking around for exercise, wearing my face mask, and my “Republicans for Voldemort” t-shirt. The best torture is the torture that take no effort whatsoever.

  4. blf says

    I did learn, though, that my neighbors have far less skill and/or experience torturing conservatives than I do.

    Well, you have been practising on squirrels. After learning to, ah, “torture”, those bastards, a mere hair furorian waanabe-dalek is less of a nuisance than a cockroach (he says from far afield in less dystopian albeit still squirrel-filled France).

  5. Lassi Hippeläinen says

    If they are close enugh to hear your shout, they should be within range of a super soaker. Fill it with you preferred liquid, e.g. squirrel pee.

  6. says

    Sean Boyd @3: How MUCH money are we talkin’? :D
    and @4: 5 stars for mockery. The only thing sweeter is when you don’t even need the t-shirt because they mock themselves for us.

    blf @5:

    Well, you have been practising on squirrels.

    ‘Tis true. But I have an even longer history of practicing on conservatives.

    coragyps @6: *blushes* *runs away*

    Lassi Hippeläinen @7: Excellent suggestion, but unless Squirrels-‘R-Us delivers squirrel pee I’m afraid it’s unworkable. Even with PPE, I presntly cannot handle the Sciuridae to extract their urine on account of the Black Plague risk. (And just between you and me, I have no doubt the fluffy fuckers are in large part responsible for all of this COVID business, too.)

  7. chigau (違う) says

    This us the first night it’s warm enough to have the windows open, so I can hear.
    People in downtown Calgary are doing the 7pm cheering.

  8. publicola says

    Get yourself a chamber pot, fill it, take it up to the roof, then give the bastard a nice golden shower with our complements.

  9. chigau (違う) says

    It took me this long to find the flaw in your argument.
    7pm in Calgary is not 7pm in New York.

    I think I should buy a compressed-air air-horn.
    just in case