Godwinning for the good.

In case you missed it: a few weeks ago revolutionary badass Sunsara Taylor of RefuseFascism.org, with whom PZ and I are acquainted, appeared on the odious Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox. Because Carlson is an ass-cactus of the first order, he constantly interrupted her, spoke over her and eventually cut her feed. Nevertheless, when the smarmy blowhard shut his lie-hole for a moment and she managed to get a few words in, she stated the rather obvious fact that the fascist Trump/Pence regime is more dangerous than Hitler’s. On account of, you know, having nuclear weapons and an apparent enthusiasm for using them (among other things).

According to Taylor:

The next morning, Fox News assembled a panel to debate whether I had “gone too far.” The Democrat on the panel, Julie Roginsky, insisted that only people who carry out mass genocide deserve such a comparison. She further argued that Hitler had immediately eradicated all opposition in the Reichstag (German parliament) and enforced all sorts of laws that she believed Donald Trump “would not enforce,” but also “wouldn’t be allowed to enforce.” All the pundits agreed: “Certainly there is no place to analogize anybody to Adolf Hitler in American public life today.”

Hahaha. Sure.

Now Taylor is a fierce and fabulous flamethrower, but a 6-minute slot on Fox News with some malignant douche shouting over you is hardly the ideal venue for making a case. To that end, she wrote a great piece at RefuseFascism.org in response entitled Why It’s Not Just Right, but Highly Illuminating and Very Necessary to Compare Trump to Hitler. I’d excerpt it here, except (a) I am feeling supremely lazy and (b) it’s well worth reading the whole thing.


Incidentally, Urban Dictionary’s top definition for “Godwin’s Law” is a public service announcement:


With the emboldening of the Alt-Reich Fascists all over North America and Europe following the election of their cheeto-dusted Fuhrer, Donald J. Trump. The Godwin’s Law is hereby suspended in solidarity with the Anti-Fascist resisters, until further notice.

Effective immediately.

With Trump’s new requirement for the elimination of two old regulations everytime a new one (for the health and safety of people and the planet alike) is put into place, it’s only responsible that Godwin’s Law be the first to go.