Lagrange Points: And shows us where we can put satellites

Scott Manley is a youtuber who produces science videos.  This new one succinctly explains the five Lagrange Points around pairs of celestial bodies without requiring knowledge of upper level mathematics or physics.  The 3D computer models really make the point (pun definitely intended) about how three object systems can be stable. As I’ve seen it written elsewhere, Lagrange Points show that “It wasn’t just Euler and Newton, other people figured out stuff, too!”

My only issue with this video is him mentioning the needs-to-be-renamed space telescope by its inappropriate name.


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    > It wasn’t just Euler and Newton

    There have been many contributors. A significant number of whom probably have been lost to history.

    For example, we know of the Antikythera mechanism. But such a device is not made ex nihilo. Creating that takes a lot of knowledge and skill. It must have been made by a top-notch workshop with plenty of experience. And either the people in that workshop had a detailed knowledge of mathematics, or the design was guided by other person(s) who did.

    But from those we know of, Euler really stands out because of the depth and breadth of his work.