I Did Not Know: October 11 was Indigenous People’s Day

I regret not hearing until now that October 11 was Indigenous People’s Day in the US.  I read that Biden issued a proclamation for it on Friday.  This no doubt left the “send them back!” racist republicans seething since First Nations people are called that for a reason.

While it may be a US holiday (Canada’s IPD is on a different day), it happened the day before Canada’s “thanksgiving”.  I’ll bet there are some Canadians today saying “don’t ruin the holiday!”   They said the same “Canada day” (July 1) after 1500 murdered children’s bodies (now over 6000) were uncovered on the grounds of former “residential schools”.



Two other national events happened consecutively this side of the big muddy, something I’ve been planning to write about but life intruded.  Last week was the mass murdering dictatorship’s 72nd anniversary of occupying China, and October 10th was Taiwan’s 110th National Day (independence day, effectively).  How quickly each nation’s fortunes changed in the span of two years.


  1. ragnar says

    Not that it justifies the evil done, but they found unmarked graves of the children who died in residential schools. Abuse? Absolutely! Murder? Not proven.