Anti-Vaxxer Fanaticism Kills: Literally

I saw this item from the Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) on Friday but had a two day birthday to attend.  Upon reading it, I felt the same amusement that Australians did.  I mean, seriously?  “Orwellian oppression”?  Australia’s government (despite being a bunch of rightwing buffoons) have managed not to screw up and keep COVID-19 under control without drastic measures that other countries have resorted to, despite the outbreaks they’ve had.

Australia and Taiwan have similar populations, number of COVID cases, and number of deaths.  Only the population density is different.

Crowds of anti-vaccine protesters chant ‘save Australia’ during rally in New York

Some Australians have reacted with bemusement to an anti-vaccination protest in New York where US demonstrators vowed to “save” Australia from COVID-19 lockdowns.

Hundreds of Americans opposing mandatory COVID-19 vaccinations for teachers have rallied outside the Australian consulate in New York City, chanting “Save Australia!” in an attempt to highlight lockdown restrictions in parts of the country.

Waving cardboard cutouts of Australian flags, calling for “freedom” and chanting “we will not comply”, the protesters marched across the city’s streets, crossing the Brooklyn Bridge before stopping at the Australian consulate in Manhattan for speeches.

Even the protests they’ve had in Australia have been restrained compared to the anti-vaxxer nonsense we’ve seen in the US.

What I didn’t expect to see today (Saturday) was this story from Maryland, an anti-vaxxer wingnut who murdered his brother, a pharmacist distributing vaccinations against COVID-19.

Man killed pharmacist brother over COVID vaccine shots he thought government was using to poison people, court documents say

A Maryland man charged in the deaths of his brother, sister-in-law and another woman may have killed his brother, a pharmacist, because the brother was administering COVID-19 vaccines, charging documents show, according to CBS Washington, D.C. affiliate WUSA-TV.

Jeffrey Burnham, 46, of Cumberland, “wanted to confront” his brother “with the government poisoning people with COVID vaccines,” one document reads, adding, “He repeatedly stated, ‘Brian knows something!'”

Burnham’s mother told detectives he planned to confront his brother, 58-year-old Brian Robinette, Howard County court documents specify.

The documents say Burnham also killed Robinette’s wife, 57-year-old Kelly Sue Robinette and another woman, identified as 83-year-old Rebecca Reynolds.

Jiminy Crickets.  Not only a triple murder for no reason whatsoever, but also who knows how many denied a vaccine and could potentially die.  How many more assaults and murders will this incite?  Violence can also be contagious.