Don’t Even Try: You can be sure to hear misplaced ‘outrage’

A recent picture of St. Paul’s Cathedral in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan:

Cue the religious fanatics and their faux outrage, calling this “vandalism” and saying “we must address this before dealing with a thousand dead First Nations children”.

Imagine how quickly the federal government would be responding if a thousand dead white children were found on or around First Nations lands in the span of three months. Probably with guns, pepper spray and nightsticks in hand, as they did in 2020 when the Wet’suwet’en people protested against the Coastal GasLink pipeline project.

Instead all we’ve heard from Dustbin Trudeau is a pathetic “please apologize” to the catholic cult, the same cult he let off the hook in 2016 from ever having to pay reparations.