Deny, Lie And Decry: Cue the blame shifting and gaslighting

Another thought on the thousand First Nations children found mass murdered and buried by the catholic church at “residential schools” in the last few months:

I have no doubt some will ignorantly and dismissively ask, “why didn’t the parents say something or call the cops if their children were missing?”

Their children were kidnapped at gunpoint by the Canadian government, by the Racist Corrupt Misogynistic Pricks (RCMP) and forcibly placed into those rape camps…I’m sorry, “residential schools” against the will of the children and parents.  Any parents who resisted would be arrested and sent to jail, their children taken anyway. Who, exactly, were they going to appeal to for help?

What do you think would happen if the parents of the missing children asked for their return, asked to contact or visit them?  They would have been denied, the uncivil servants at best ignoring them and at worst using the violence of the system to silence the parents and families.  As if they would ever get an honest answer from the provincial and federal governments which kidnapped children.

And that’s assuming they didn’t try. Unless I hear otherwise, I will assume and believe that they DID try to get answers but were ignored.  They are human beings who cared about their children, they wouldn’t abandon them if they went missing.  They asked for investigations, asked where their children were, and were never given an answer.

These people were powerless to do anything, confronted, blocked and threatened by a racist system of racist cops, racist governments, and racist, rapist and mass murdering catholic cultists.  Argentina had “death flights”, Chile and Spain had the “disappeared”, and Canada had children at residential schools.

It’s times like this I wished I believed in a hell.