IPSOS polls: When LGBTQIA meets Moore’s Law

Gordon Moore said in 1965 (Moore’s Law) that the number of transistors per silicon chip doubles every year.  I wonder if that applies to transitions, too.

IPSOS released a poll on Wednesday, June 9 (a PDF is available), showing the generational increase in people who identify as LGBTQIA and their attitudes towards marriage equality, how it nearly doubles from boomers to Gen X to Millennials and Gen Z.  But I suspect “identify” more accurately means willing to say it openly, rather than be LGBTQIA.  We have always been here, it was societal bigotry that prevented people from living openly.

Younger people are more informed about LGBTQIA rights and issues, ipso facto (ha, ha) they are more likely to be accepting and respectful of LGBTQIA people.  From the IPSOS website:

Also surveyed was the attitude towards marriage equality. Of the countries surveyed (which is not the entire world), 54% support full marital rights and another 16% some form of legal partnership, or 70% in total of those two.  Twenty five of the 27 countries are (combined) at least 50% in favour of full marital rights and legal partnership.  That includes South Korea, a country awash in and tainted by christianity, and Poland and Hungary, where the regimes are attempting to criminalize LGBTQIA people.  When even a socially conservative country like China is ahead of you (yeah, you, Russia, Turkey and Malaysia), you know you’re on the wrong side of history.

And these results are from the entire survey of all ages, not just among younger people.  The bigots in those governments are clearly out of step with their citizens.

I object to the term “same sex marriage”.  It should be marriage equality.  If I find and marry a man, it will be a heterosexual marriage, not “gay” or “same sex”.  And the same goes for Non-Binary, Agender, Gender Fluid and other people, let them define their own term for their marriages.

A bit of related humour I saw yesterday:


  1. Bruce says

    I like this post, which packs a lot of good data into a small page. I especially like the Peaches cartoon. But I think it would be equally valid to interpret the situation such that all of the sex is straight sex and not gay. Once the gender binary is transcended, such fixed views as moustache guy seem obsolete. If we choose to define gay sex as being between two of the same gender, then certainly any sex between a binary person and a non-binary person is not gay. Thus, we can give victory to the right-wingers by eliminating gay sex. But if we do it by recognizing many non-binary genders, such that most people are different flavors of non-binary, then gay sex becomes so rare that none could object. So, after subverting the patriarchy, we should also subvert the supposed gender binary.