The Insecurity Apocalypse

I don’t mean a lack of security in tech or otherwise infosec/opsec. That’s probably well on its way, mind, but that’s Marcus’s beat more than mine.

I mean the dudebro insecurity apocalypse, which has become increasingly hard to ignore, no matter how much the particular dudebros wish it could be and tell their cult-flavored followings it isn’t happening. [Read more…]

Winning the Longest Game

I think it may be said that the bad guys here are winning a long game, but going to lose the longest. A glimmer of hope, though they’ve ensured needless suffering in the meantime.

I’m not referring to the oft-misued MLK quote “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Unfortunately (at least, taken like this in its stripped-down version), that’s nonsense. Rather it’s what “Beau of the Fifth Column” said: to change the law, first you change thought. [Read more…]

ACAB: All Cops Are Broken

We know this. It’s not news. Most of us have seen at last a couple of exposés on cop training and the crazy lengths it goes to now. We know they’re afraid all the time and trying to hide behind all that armor and a nice comforting blanket of bullets.

What’s not always made clear is: it’s literally, deliberately, traumatizing. Cop behavior is weaponized PTSD. Below, a video with an ex-cop talking about what it did to him: [Read more…]

Double Dactyl: Brexit

'Trusting Child' statue, by DieselHP, via Wikimedia CommonsLast night’s UK election in which the now unabashedly cruel and inhumane Tories won a clear majority for the first time in ages was disturbing and depressing. Odgraphix described it as “Higaldy-Pigaldy”, which reminded me of the double dactyl style of poetry since those start with a nonsense line, often literally “Higgledy-Piggledy”. So I think I’ll post such things from time to time on current topics, cuttlewise, and start with this one.

Now the UK has a
Definite path ahead:
Brexit comes off

All due to racists
Electing a thoroughly
Cold-blooded toff.