All Shook Up

If “Santa” keeps bringing you presents, would you vote to remove him from office?

Even if he bribed other nations,

or abandon them on the battlefield,

even if he lied all the time,

even if he bullied women, minorities, whole religions and the poor?

Some, the one percent and older white evangelicals, will most-likely support him

as long as he gives them tax breaks, 

as long as he encourages religious, racial, and social bigotry, 

as long as he gives them permission to pollute,

as long as he removes health and safety regulations

as long as he plays to the most base of capitalist instincts,

he will have his followers support. 

He has been impeached by the House, but don’t expect the Senate to punish their Santa Claus.

They have concerns that supersede morality.

Senators like capitalist toys, and they’ve not been particularly good girls and boys.

Freedom to be ignorant and foolhardy deletes moral compunctions.

The boss does it, so I can do it too. 

Our government is being destroyed.

We have no solution to that problem anymore than we do global climate change.

From my perspective, everything is Higaldly-Pigaldy.


Any Thoughts?