1. anat says

    If they don’t hate ‘people who claim to be trans women’ why do they harass them, or even refuse to call them by their names?

  2. says

    @1 anat

    They call that “standing up for real women”. It’s not hate, it’s not personal at all, it’s just that justice requires they make sure all those lying frauds in womanface KNOW they’re lying frauds in womanface and that they should be shoved out of all society.

    You know. “Feminism”.

  3. says

    One of the UK’S TERF lavaTory politicians says they (*) will ‘boycott’ a soap brand for sponsoring Laura Hubbard.

    Proving once again that TERFs stink.

    (* used intentionally)

  4. Allison says

    The point of all this illogic is to dehumanize us and reduce us to a philosophical abstraction, and it’s not murder to erase an abstraction.

    It’s what the Nazis did with the Jews (the Gypsies had already been dehumanized before they got there.)

    Siobhan, over at “Against the Grain”, wrote about dehumanization being the first step towards mass murder: What trans people mean when we say “misgendering is violence”

  5. Silentbob says

    How does someone get so addled they think knowing your own gender is like… Napoleon?!

    @4 Allison
    I miss Shiv.

  6. StevoR says

    substitute ‘Napoleon for ‘trans women’ for clarity

    Um, okay. Like transwomen Napoleon was and is real. Indeed, not only the most renowned Napoleon Bonaparte but a number of others.

    & from that :

    So Napoleon’s (plural – past and present) do indeed exist as do transwomen. Okay.

    Can’t hate someone who doesn’t exist.

    Nonsense in so many levels form the basic – plenty of fictional and imaginary characters have evoked hatred as villains from Jezebel and Onan to Darth Vader, Voldemort and the selected hate figures of reality TV.

    To well, the scumbags that did this today :

    “The desecration of our pride flag just a couple of days [since] Transgender Day of Remembrance, which we mark every 12 months, is a reminder for us of the stigma and hate that trans and gender-diverse Tasmanians still experience today in our community.

    “The fact that somebody saw a symbol of kindness, tolerance and pride being flown in our city and wanted to destroy it should really scare us.” (- Dana Endelmanis, Tasmanian transgender woman -ed.) .. At this year’s Transgender Day of Remembrance memorial the transgender community came together and read out the names of the trans and gender-diverse people whose lives have been lost over the past 12 months to violence, fear and hatred across the world. “All we did was speak out the names, the ages and locations of people who have died over the last 12 months and it still took 25 minutes.” – Jax Fox, Hobart councillor,non-binary person. – Ed.)

    Fuck the TERFs and their murderous bullshit here.

  7. Jazzlet says

    I know you are real, but I would like more posts from you, short or long is good. Not to put pressure on you Abbey, just trying to say I appreciate your voice.

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