ACAB: All Cops Are Broken

We know this. It’s not news. Most of us have seen at last a couple of exposés on cop training and the crazy lengths it goes to now. We know they’re afraid all the time and trying to hide behind all that armor and a nice comforting blanket of bullets.

What’s not always made clear is: it’s literally, deliberately, traumatizing. Cop behavior is weaponized PTSD. Below, a video with an ex-cop talking about what it did to him:

They don’t serve and protect, because they have been trained to believe that service is weakness and protection… is impossible.


  1. lochaber says

    Just a few days ago, I realized I hadn’t run across any of your comments recently, so also glad to see you are still around and active.

    Also, good video, I’ll check out their channel on the weekend (if I remember…)

  2. says

    Thank you both, that’s quite kind.

    A lot of personal stuff (plenty good) has been happening that nudged me away from posting for a long while; who knows yet if I’ll continue with any consistency. FWIW I’m an active regular on our FtB Discord (which you are both welcome to join), and ‘hosted’ most of the Podish-Sortacasts.

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