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Man I am vain in the membrane.  Sometimes I’m bugged a little when my posts don’t get attention, but I look at what I’ve done, and I think, yeah.  Love that stuff.  I’d be straightup horny on me, if I discovered me.  Like, damn, there’s somebody who agrees with me about everything, and is funny and creative.  I would read that blog’s archives.  One of my guiding philosophies regarding my own gender is “Be the big booty ho you wish to see in the world,” and I’m that too.  Maybe I should leave adoring comments on all my own blog posts.

Incidentally, I went through my dreamposting tag recently, and commented in some of them with AI images derived from the text of those posts.  Some were more interesting than others, but could be worth a look, if you’re into that sort of thing.  Anyway, thanks for reading my vanity blog, me, and I love you too.


  1. says

    As dire as the articles about trans issues are in the sidebar, this is probably a good ballast for our collective well-being. You’re welcome, I say, presuming anybody gets anything out of this other than myself.

  2. lochaber says

    apologies for not commenting more.

    I read most of your posts, and really fucking appreciate your comment moderation (despite maybe being a target…)

    I just don’t have much of substance to add to most of your posts, but I’m usually reading them, and appreciate your comments on the other blogs in this network.

    tl/dr: keep posting your weird stuff, and i’ll probably keep reading it, I just don’t often have much to contribute.

  3. says

    aww, that’s swell. thanks, bud.

    i have myself wonderin’ about what that divinyls song would sound like if it was about mythological narcissism. “i’m the one who makes me come runnin, i’m the one who makes me shine, when i’m around i’m always laughin, i wanna make me mine. i close my eyes and i see me before me, think i would die if i were to ignore me, if i could see just how much i adore me, i’d get down on my knees and do anything for me…” that shit does not work at all, up til the refrain.

  4. says

    what that divinyls song would sound like if it was about mythological narcissism

    Soon, you’ll be able to have an AI compose it for you, and perform it, in the style of Frank Sinatra.
    I’m not sure what that even means, though.

    One of the problems with AI art is that when the real Frank Sinatra sang, “you ain’t nothin but a hound dog” there was some experience of being human behind it. Wait… no, that wasn’t Sinatra, that was Rammstein. Carry on!

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    I saw your comment in the side-bar about the satanic temple. Is there a thread about that?

    I’ve long felt that the satanic temple are a bunch of trolls. Sure, they’re “trolling in a good cause” but their methods are still – trolling. While they have sometimes gotten a chuckle out of me, that’s all they get. On the other hand, I donate to the MRFF, which fights religious domination in the military, using direct methods like contacting people in the chain of command and insisting they obey the law – not trolling, just straight up combativeness. The satanic temples trolling-centric approach largely presupposes that the christians they are poking are self-aware, capable of reflection and irony. Skeptics in their audience may appreciate that, but christian authoritarians are not impressed by subtleties.

  6. says

    antaresrichard –

    marcusranum –
    Just click the “DO NOT” etc, it goes to my article. Within my article are links to the SLAPP-embattled apostates, who did a great job of cataloguing the shittiness of those guys. Perhaps amusingly I had a falling out with the apostates, and their tumblr blog might have some shit talk about me since then, but I haven’t looked. I’m getting tired of tumblr’s lefty equivalent of r/pol lately. But they’re dead right about this issue and I still feel obliged to promote their cause.

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