A Bad Dream

Content Warning: Gore, COVID

In my waking hours, I’m not concerned about COVID.  My household is fortunate to be able to isolate well, we live in a state doing better than most (though one of the worse cities in our part of it), and there’s very promising vaccine news floating about lately.  I think we can hold out ’til the stuff comes available, and while I can feel bad for victims, it’s not a very deep sorrow for me.

But apparently when I’m asleep it’s a different story.  I had a dream where COVID symptoms included hemorrhagic sores, open wounds, and plague-like swelling.  For unclear reasons the bodies of victims were in chopped-up chunks.  Still-living victims were burying the dead in mass graves at the sides of the road while the rest of us drove by.  There was blood soaking the ground in large patches.

India was having some success training animals like monkeys and wombats to help care for children with the disease, which was heart-warming.  I wondered in my dream if I should pay money to that charity, or if it would be better spent in helping research a cure.  I somehow ended up in an isolation cell with one of those plague children, which was sad and horrid, but I half-realized I was dreaming and was able to logic myself out – not fully awake, but to a previous area from the dream.

Somebody wondered on a previous post what a bad dream looks like to me.  This wasn’t the worst, but it was bad.


  1. says

    I have bad dreams occasionally, but I am glad that so far Covid did not feature in them. At least it was a partially lucid dream and you got some control over it.

  2. StevoR says

    Wait wombats in India?

    Well, I guess that’s surreal dream logic for you!

    FWIW. As an erstwhile writer I kinda like bad dreams in the sense that (like everythng else) they are good material for sparking stories. Mind you, I’ve also been seriously freaked out by a few vivid ones too..

  3. says

    Charly – Could we really say it was covid since it was a zompocalyptic dream version?

    StevoR – Even subconsciously, I know where wombats are from. Figured they were imported, heh.

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