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Ableism, classism, all the ism. Do you have any idea how much it sucks to be poor? How about poor and disabled? An appropriately sad and horrific post on the topic, if you can deal:

Yes, this again

My household could use some disability income, but like many in “first world” nations, we try to get by without it. Why? “Fiscal conservative” policies aimed at eliminating all social services, by increments if necessary, have led us to this place where even getting a miserably inadequate disability check from the government becomes a full time goddamn job.

Seriously, all fiscal conservatives can get hanged. I have nothing but the bitterest contempt for that shit. You keep us on a razor’s edge of the abyss, you straight up drive us to death, because you think tax money is better kept in your pockets, in the Bahamas, in anything but help for the needy.

And as I see my people suffering, even dying for your ideology, your life becomes less and less important to me. If the poor ever strike back in this class war you’re waging, no amount of cruelty or violence from us should surprise you. Indeed, it could never come close to balancing the scale of history.


  1. Jake Harban says

    I’ve spent over a year trying to get benefits and I’m lucky— I can live with my parents for now and rely on them to help with certain basic things.

  2. Jake Harban says

    Clarification: That’s a year trying to get benefits to locate and pay for treatment. There are no benefits for food, housing, and so forth.

  3. Great American Satan says

    That’s exactly what I’m talking about. Now if you did try for benefits for food, housing, and so on, you’d be sitting in squalid waiting rooms all week long crying and dying and still getting denied. We all deserve better than this, even those of us who US society has deemed unworthy of life – the drug addicted and the criminal. What crime makes a person deserve this degradation? Fight tha power.

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