WTF Product Placement

Remember these guys?

white hair metal guys with puffy perms and glam pseudomilitary fashion

Autograph – Turn up the Radio

“Autograph” as far as I recall were a one-hit wonder from my childhood / the 80s, who performed this crowd-pleasing jam:

I was just perusing the good old days on youtube when my eyes beheld a surprising sight.

puffy-haired metal guys behold a cool pencil

Autograph – Turn up the Radio
Mechanical Pencils – Papermate

This video was paid for by Papermate mechanical pencils. Because as my partner quipped, “Graphite is forever.” While that is a pretty cool pencil, I just can’t handle it right now. I bid you good day.

EDIT TO ADD:  Seven years after this post, Todd in the Shadows released a video on the same subject.  It’s a hoot.


  1. Great American Satan says

    There u go. Now I don’t know for a fact the entire video was bankrolled by Papermate, but they did write a script for the intro that was specifically to demonstrate the capabilities of the product. See, it looks like a pen, it’s sharp like a pen, but you can erase it! Astounding!

    Warning for readers, left0ver’s link is to a band whose name little people may find offensive. If u get past that, it’s a quite relevant bit of silliness.

  2. says

    KD chose the name because the members were all (reportedly) 5 foot 9 or shorter. Too many metal bands are/were all about machismo, overseriousness, hair and/or size (height or penile). It was refreshing to see bands like KD and Anthrax bringing humour to the genre without being silly or over the top (e.g. GWAR).

  3. Great American Satan says

    Indeed. Still might annoy some peeps, but we’re free to decide what’s cool for ourselves. I just wanna give the annoyed the heads up. On an unrelated note, didja know Anthrax dude married one of Meatloaf’s daughters?

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