Tom Cotton’s Dear Muslima

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton said it to Wolf Blitzer on CNN: check your priorities, aka Dear Muslima. Arkansas’s RFRA is no big deal because hey, it doesn’t kill you.

But I also think it’s important we have a sense of perspective about our priorities. In Iran they hang you for the crime of being gay; they’re currently imprisoning an American preacher for spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ in Iran. We should focus on the most important priorities that our country faces right now.

So passing the RFRA was an important-enough priority, and signing it was an important-enough priority, but objecting to it apparently is a frivolous diversion. How does that work, exactly?

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  1. Hoosier X says

    So … doesn’t that mean these RFRA laws are unnecessary because christians really are being treated badly in other parts of the world?

    “Why are christians so upset that they need a law to protect their non-biblical desire to refuse service to homosexuals? They should be happy they aren’t being killed by mobs like christians in Pakistan and Afghanistan.”

    The only place you find conservative and consistent anywhere near each other is in the dictionary.

  2. says

    I really hate the, “You shouldn’t complain because someone else has it much worse” argument. Taken to it’s logical conclusion, only the single most miserable person in the universe would be allowed to bemoan their condition. Something doesn’t have to the the worst thing ever in order for people to want to improve it.

  3. Phillip Hallam-Baker says

    These people do not understand what hypocrisy is. Actively supporting Saudi Arabia while opposing the RFRA would be hypocritical, but nobody is doing that.

    Hypocrisy is stating opposition to what is going on in Saudi Arabia while enacting and supporting similar laws in the US. Cotton is the hypocrite here.

    The US does not exactly have a great reputation abroad when it comes to taking moral stances. Rather too often the US is hypocritically attacking some foreign state for doing what is happening on a much larger scale at home.

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