They denounce Charlie Hebdo and everyone connected

The protest organized by the Muslim Action Forum took place, ITV reports.

Hundreds of Muslims have gathered in Whitehall as part of a demonstration against the recent publication of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad in the French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The protest was organised by the Muslim Action Forum. Participants said they were campaigning for global civility and wanted to encourage people to live together harmoniously.

Bullshit. That’s not what they’re campaigning for and it’s not what they want. They’re campaigning for everyone to shut up about the prophet and about Islam. They want to make Islam and everything to do with it a special fenced-off Protected Zone.

ITV quotes their ridiculous petition, which starts off with pleasant noises and ends with shut up shut up shut up.

  • I endorse emphatically the Declaration of Global Civility drafted by the campaigners of Global Civility
  • I call upon the British Parliament to table a debate in both Houses of Parliament to discuss the endorsement of the Declaration of Global Civility
  • I call upon all civilised people and institutions globally to disassociate themselves from any actions that are an affront to global civility
  • I denounce the actions of all those people who are connected with the production of the cartoons of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon Him, and believe that these actions are an affront to the norms of civilised society.

They’re denouncing everyone at Charlie Hebdo. That of course includes the editors and cartoonists and staffers murdered on January 7th.

There was also a small counter-demonstration, with people from the EDL and Britain First.



  1. themann1086 says

    Ugh at that group of counter protesters, too. Shame it wasn’t some sort of matter/anti-matter collision…

  2. gegsieline says

    Religion, being nothing more than an idea, has got to be subject to criticism good or bad. If people feel the need to demonstrate because their feelings are hurt they wanna grow up.

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