1. says

    I hurriedly bought the Kindle edition from Amazon. I could probably have downloaded the PDF version that is circulating on Twitter, but I thought that actually paying for the book would be showing support to the author.

  2. says

    Offended Hindus are desperately trying to flood with low review ratings: another facet of 21st century book-burning. I guess they are not quite familiar with the Streisand Effect.

  3. iknklast says

    Just picked it up on my Nook. Although I read quite a bit about comparative religions, I decided I didn’t need another 700 page book on my groaning shelves! Though saving a few hard copies does seem like a noble thing to do.

  4. Robert B. says

    Bought! Found a great deal on a hardcover copy from a third-party seller through Amazon.

    Every right-thinking citizen should own some banned books. Buying books because they’ve been banned is how I got my hands on A People’s History of America, and that worked out very well for me.

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