Literal patriarchy

Aha so Doug Phillips of Vision Forum has resigned as top boss of VF because he had An Affair with A Woman. The blog Diary of an Autodidact has a thorough analysis.

Douglas Phillips has three major claims to fame, all of which are related to a certain view of gender.

The first, as I partially discussed in my post on his connections to White Supremacy, is his belief that there is a single explanation for modern evils. Let me state this clearly, because I think it tends to be lost in all the static.

The foundation, the CORE of the Vision Forum doctrine is that “Feminism™” is THE cause of all modern evils.

That is, that the big error of our age, the big cause of all that ails us, is that women do not know their place. What is their place? In the home, and under complete subjection to me in every time, place, aspect of life, etc.

Don’t believe me? Read it from Douglas Phillips himself. Here are the “Tenets of Biblical Patriarchy.”

Note, women are created to serve men. Men are the glory of God, while women are the glory of…wait for it…MEN. The entire created purpose of women is to serve MEN.

Out of this everything else flows. The cause of all our modern ills is that we have rejected “God’s purpose for women.”

So, the teaching of Vision Forum runs thus: We have forgotten that women belong in the home, doing housework and raising (large numbers) of children and, most importantly, obeying men in everything. After all, God speaks only to men, not women, and if women would just serve their men, everything would be great. So, we should teach our daughters to first, serve their fathers, until such time as their fathers find husbands for them, and then they should serve their husbands.

And it’s not just about who serves whom. Phillips (and others of the Patriarchy movement) teach that women are inherently easier to deceive, and thus must never be allowed to be in a position of authority. Of any sort. Instead, a woman must always be under the authority of a man. Her father, until she marries. Her husband after that. If she is widowed, she would be under the authority of her eldest son, or oldest close relative. Never ever can she be in charge of her own life.

This is from a conservative Christian, who considers Phillips’s views vile. If only everyone did.


  1. suttkus says

    Note, women are created to serve men. Men are the glory of God, while women are the glory of…wait for it…MEN.

    And the glory of women is hair! (1Cr 11:15) I’m not sure what hair’s glory is, maybe hide lice or something. The Bible isn’t clear on that. Is there a transitive property of glories? If so, hair is a glory to God. Just remember, the Bible is completely consistent, which is why men with long hair offend God, like Samson, which is why he got rewarded by God for cutting his hair. Or something.

  2. A. Noyd says

    The glory of women is hair because hair a woman’s testicles. Except, rather than producing sperm, hair helps suck sperm upward toward the head, where it gets stored. The longer the hair, the better the suction. And of course we shouldn’t doubt this because men came up with it and we all know men are oh-so hard to deceive.

    Lest you think I’m pulling this out of thin air for a laugh:

  3. leni says

    Remember pitchguest? I once suggested to him that he read Libby Anne’s blog for good descriptions of undiluted patriarchy.

    I should have just sent him to Doug Phillips.

  4. suttkus says

    If women are to have long hair for it’s sperm-sucking-to-head power, and men are encouraged to have short hair so as not to suck up too much sperm, why weren’t men encouraged to be bald and why were they encouraged to grow beards? That doesn’t really seem to fit.

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