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Speaking of that Aja Romano piece (as I was yesterday) – she heard from a lot of Team Slime people, on her article and on Twitter. One was Aneris23, who tried to tweet her the right way of seeing things.


Aja Romano to Aneris

wait am I literally watching a guy debate semantics around the words “I want to kick you in the cunt”?

like of course he’s not serious, WHY IS HE DEFENDING A GUY WHO THINKS THAT’S AN OKAY THING TO SAY. like, before anything else, no.

 The he doing the defending is Justicar; the link “Aneris” gave is to one of Justicar’s many tedious self-important videos. So, curious about that particular bit, I took a look, and transcribed the relevant passage. It starts at about 5:40.

Ophelia Benson has been deriving a great amount of blog traffic and money from the hoggle [air quotes] cunt kick thing some of you may have heard about? [big sigh] She’s very keen on claiming that he threatened to kick her in the cunt but she’s conspicuously not keen on linking to the original article or putting it in – quoting him exactly, or in the context he said it. What he said was, he would get a sex change, and kick her in the cunt. Now he said this because he knows specifically that Ophelia will not take it as just hyperbolic internet trolling – I mean who’s really going to have sex reassignment surgery, just to kick Ophelia Benson? And, true to form, she ignores the sex change bit, says “oh my god, this man is threatening sexual violence, he’s threatening to come kick me in the cunt.”

How dare I, right? What a nerve.

“hoggle” later joined that exchange, to call me the Talking Prune and explain how right he was to rant about kicking me the cunt. I’m not sure Aja Romano will find that any more persuasive than she found “Aneris.”


  1. piegasm says

    I’m a little lost at the part where joking about having sex reassignment surgery is apparently supposed to provide the context that automagically makes “kick her in the cunt” a perfectly reasonable thing to say.

  2. says

    Because, piegasm, in their straw-feminism, women are allowed to all kinds of things men can’t, so he’d have to be a woman to get away with it.

  3. A Hermit says


    I had long exchange with him in comments below a video of his in which je goes into “p`liceman mode” to explain to us poor benighted civilians why you shouldn’t just believe a story like Ashliegh Paramore’s or Karen Stollznow’s…because women lie all the time and police interrogation techniques should be the default approach to life, or something.

    Never again will I waste my time trying to reason with that pompous self-important blinkered blithering pile of steaming ego.

  4. arthur says

    That video by the Justicar person was plain creepy. And really loooong as well.

    He comes across as an awful, incoherent theatrical villain figure, with terrible communication / people skills.

  5. says

    The shock when they talk to reasonable people is hilarious. Seeing Sarah Jones rip them a new one was delicious. When some dolt demanded Paul Mason respond to Thunderf00ls daft video on the blockbot the response was “creepy misogyny is not allowed on my timeline” … Blocked!

    They really think their warped way of seeing the world is reasonable. Anyone who reacts with disgust, such as Sarah, needs to be set right. When they resist the obviously flawed arguments they immediately become “#FTBullies” to avoid the cognitive dissonance of realising they are wrong. Retreat back to the pit of confirmation bias and lick your wounds… Wash, rinse, repeat.

    @arthur, you assessed him correctly!

  6. Scr... Archivist says

    So, once again the pro-harassment faction demonstrates that they have nothing to contribute. Do they really think that they’re going to win over a lot of recruits?

  7. says

    Also – just in case it’s not obvious – I have not been “deriving a great amount of blog traffic and money from the hoggle [air quotes] cunt kick thing.” Really not. It’s not a big money-maker for me. I don’t dance with joy whenever people call me the Talking Prune or rant about kicking me in the cunt, because I’m going to get gallons of cash as a result.

  8. Bernard Bumner says

    Justicar and Hoggle try to pretend that sexualised, violent hyperbole is not the product of a sexualised, violent thought-process.

    …deriving a great amount of blog traffic and money from the hoggle…

    That poor, sweet man was just trying to increase your revenues. How can you be so ungrateful?

  9. Brian E says

    Ophelia, please, we all know you’re making hay out of the c*nt comment. Those copious donations into the cookie jar. Really, I have it on good authority that you bullied hoggle into making the c*nt statement just for the bucks. You are now sitting back in your recliner, drinking cocktails, caressing a white cat whilst aiming your fricking lazer beam at a shark. Or something evil. Certainly laughing in an evil way. I haven’t met you, but I bet you have an evil English accent. An accent that somehow, nobody in the Pacific northwest, where your Island lair is located, has remarked up. It’s probably all those attack Orcas you bought with your copious donations that you sweated out of ftbminions with the hoggle extortion that stop people remarking on you evil oxbridge accent. It all makes sense.

  10. F [is for failure to emerge] says

    Every time the party involved here comes up in posts, I have the burning desire to ask, “What the fuck is a “Justicar””? I mean, besides a misspelling or some made-up character types from like 50 different games.

  11. Brian E says

    A vicious hound that guards your lair from any land based attacks, no doubt. Jugular scything hound of death.

  12. says

    Yeah. He’s terrifying. Little toddlers stick their fingers in his face and he wags and wags. Puppies jump up and grab his head with both front legs, and he wags and wags.

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