I get to be in a cartoon!

Is that cool or what!

Mind you, my friend the author of Jesus and Mo may not like it much, especially given the feeble quality of the wit. But my monstrous ego is flattered.

 I don’t get any lines though. I just say Peezus Christ at the end every time.

I’m not even in the latest one (number 8). I guess I’m just there for the rhyme. Monstrous ego deflated.


  1. says

    I’d be more flattered if it showed some wit and intelligence. Is that always going to be the punchline?

    A product of Slymepit Enterprises, I suppose? The “peezus’ is a giveaway.

  2. skeptixx says

    Funny! Thanks the for the link to their source; I’m enjoying looking through them all.

    Don’t lose hope, Ophelia – maybe you’ll “get” to say something in the next one…

  3. Joe Z says

    I don’t recognize the guy who says “I couldn’t agree more!” and “Why is everybody looking at me?”

  4. says

    Acolyte – huh – you call that a namedrop? I had lunch with Author (and others) a few months ago. Later we sat in the bar of the Hotel Mercure in Manchester and talked each other’s arms off. Now that’s a namedrop.

    [whistles carelessly]

  5. julian says

    True to the source that inspire it (Jesus and Mo) these strips are entirely….


    *runs before the pitchforks show up*

  6. Tony Sidaway says

    The mediocrity of the parody gave me a big sad feeling for whoever produced it. Somebody, somewhere, cares enough to produce a cartoon, but lacks the wit to follow through. Sorry, the sheer bumbling incompetence of your self-declared enemies is embarrassing. That’s about the size of it. You disappoint me. Acquire classier detractors at once, urge you!

  7. speed0spank says

    I’m amused by the comment on the first comic saying it’s “comedy gold”. That amused me way more than the terrible comic.

  8. Koinosuke says

    You should know your subject well to write good parody, which would be why this is so bad.

  9. Brownian says


    So it’s true that religion inspires great art.

    Well, art.

    Er, this.

    Carry on, new atheism.

  10. penguinsdemise says

    That was an awesome comment, especially because I remember my school chem about what pyrite is called!

    This is why we need good science education, so people can enjoy chemistry jokes.

  11. Emily Isalwaysright says

    What a cluster fuck of wrongness. I put it on a par with “Innocence of Muslims”.

  12. Maureen Brian says

    I’m confused. Why is Dr Laden wearing an eighteenth century brocade frock-coat? We need to be told.

  13. R Holmes says

    Comedy gold?

    Are the anti-A+ crowd genuinely super-amused by things like this, puerile photoshops and derogatory name-based puns?

    I mean, Christ – this is humour that aspires to be feeble.

  14. Svlad Cjelli says

    Could one of you help this be funny? Write something against PZ & Co. that’s actually a good read.

  15. randomname says

    “who gave that homeless wanker permission to be in my presence”

    Uh, what’s that in reference to?

  16. Stacy says

    Could one of you help this be funny? Write something against PZ & Co. that’s actually a good read

    I know, right? For pity’s sake, somebody show these poor wankers how it’s done. Think what Brownian or Louis or the Spokesgay could do if they wanted to–those guys are witty.

    The poor pitizens can’t do better than this. I must admit that fact amuses me.

  17. julian says

    Uh, what’s that in reference to?

    McCreight was walking about when she sees a homeless man pointedly staring at her and masturbating. She tweeted that this made her very uncomfortable, the slymepit responded by 1)accusing her of hypocrisy because of BoobQuake 2)accusing her of being a cruel privileged narcissistic woman who hates homeless people.

  18. sawells says

    “Comedy pyrite” is already a thousand times funnier than anything in the cartoon. Stealing that!

  19. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Talking Stove; it appears that you simply do not get Jesus and Mo. I’d suggest re-reading that particular strip until the penny drops / Hell freezes over (depending on your ability to understand intelligent humour).

    Ophelia; now THAT is namedropping writ large. It is possible to be too smug, y’know 🙂

    Julian; when you’ve run as far as you possibly can – run a little further. Us disciples of Author are everywhere!

  20. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Just left a link to this on J&M. I expect some of the regulars to drop by soon, and that exactly 0% of them will find ‘Peezus and O’ remotely funny. In my opinion, it doesn’t even fall into the ‘so bad it’s good’ category. Comedy pyrite indeed.

  21. Aratina Cage says

    The “girls” J&M comic (which compared feminism to religious dogma) was picked apart by us at B&W when it came out. I thought one of the funniest things about it was that J&M has its own stated commenting policy that prohibits sexist language (A+, hello?), which anyone can read if they scroll down to the bottom. Anyway, that is all water under the bridge as far as I know.

  22. says

    About the no sexist language policy at J and M – I remember how that came about. There used to be a very blokey atmosphere in the comments there, which I used to pitch a fit about now and then. In particular I would pitch a fit when the blokey ones started saying (as they regularly did) “phwoarrrrrrrr barmaid is hot, I would totally do her” blah blah blah. Right. You can’t see her at all; the whole point of her is what she thinks, and says, and still you have to make her About Sex For You.

    So there was this one time I pitched a fit – I forget if it was about the barmaid or not – and blokey types pitched it back; the thread was derailed and there was lots of sexist shouting and Author deleted a bunch of comments including mine. Very embarrassing. But that’s why he added the policy.

  23. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Ophelia Benson says:
    October 15, 2012 at 9:03 am
    Acolyte, I’m very smug on this subject, no question about it. I make a free confession.

    And in this particular case, I for one cannot blame you; I would be exactly the same had I have had the opportunity to share a pint and a chat with Carl Sagan.

  24. Acolyte of Sagan says

    Ophelia, because my wife was a barmaid for many years, hers is the face and voice of J&M’s barmaid in my head. But I did inadvertantly fall foul of the no-sexism policy recently by rushing through a comment and forgetting to add context. Luckily, it was all smoothed out once I had the chance to supply said missing context.
    Firm but fair, that’s our Author.

  25. hotrats says

    This site has gone to the dogs. What happened to the intelligent woman who used to post witty and perceptive commentary of current events?

    Really, Ophelia, I thought you would have had more taste and self-respect than to be flattered by such cringeingly infantile, up-its-own-arse drivel. What were you thinking?

    Heaven knows there are enough genuinely arrogant, pompous and hypocritical targets for satire out there, and you select… the J&M strip? What next, Blood Donors? The Samaritans?

    If your ‘monstrous ego’ really wants your mugshot on the site, just put it in the logo – you couldn’t have chosen a worse context for it than this. Yours in sorrow etc., a former admirer.

  26. Aratina Cage says

    Hotrats, that is close enough to what a real hater would say that I’m not sure whether I should laugh or groan at it.

  27. Aratina Cage says

    Re: hotrats’ comment,
    I’m leaning toward parody of a hater myself, but if so, it isn’t far enough removed from the real thing for me to be sure.

  28. Jenora Feuer says

    Either that, or someone who utterly missed the sarcasm and thinks the cheering ‘I get to be in a cartoon!’ was serious…

  29. clamboy says

    Coming late to the party, but: I read several of the strips, and realized that they are the reason the expression “Meh.” was invented. No, they are certainly not good, but they are not even bad. The strips remind me of the episode of “Family Guy” where the family remembers their trip to Limbo. I suppose one can say that the strips exist as phenomena to be observed, but that’s about it.

  30. hotrats says

    Sorry, it should have read ‘you select … someone’s parody of a J&M strip’. I’m not pretending to think the satire is yours, and I’m not any kind of hater, please read again and you will note I was scrupulous to give you credit for your achievements with this site, which is exactly what makes your republishing unfunny, off-every-topic rubbish like this hard to understand.

    I may be very dense, but if it’s supposed to be a joke, is Author in on it? And what’s the punchline? Who are these smirking idiots? Obviously I have taken it all out of context, but what is the context? Perhaps a link to the source would have helped.

    As for ‘Either that, or someone who utterly missed the sarcasm and thinks the cheering ‘I get to be in a cartoon!’ was serious…’, I can only quote Kurt Vonnegut; ‘Be careful what you pretend to be, because you are what you pretend to be.’

  31. Forbidden Snowflake says

    hotrats, the context is that a few dim bulbs who hate Ophelia (among others) very-very much created a silly rip-off of J&M in which they mock her (among others). Ophelia and her readers pointed at it and laughed (see: pretty much everyone in this thread but you), and then you showed up, skipped the part where you figure out the meaning of the post and went straight to the melodramatic “Yours in sorrow, a former admirer” posing.
    And your Vonnegut quote is irrelevant: speaking sarcastically isn’t the same as lying.

  32. says

    @hotrats. Your Vonnegut quote was not only irrelevant, it was wrong. As near as I can remember, the line is: You are what you pretend to be, so don’t pretend to be anything you’re not.

    You see? Much more ironic and elegant than your misquote. Maybe it’s time to keep quiet for a while.

  33. hotrats says

    Apologies to all concerned for my usual firm grasp on the wrong end of the stick, though I didn’t so much ‘skip the part’ where I figure out the meaning, as try very hard, and still fail to – I think anyone coming to this without the backstory would at least share some of my confusion, sarcasm is always ambiguous.

    DH, I’m in good company – you also misquoted the line from Mother Night, it’s ‘We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be.’ Not as ironic or elegant as yours, perhaps, but closer to mine in sense and content. Let’s keep quiet together, eh?

  34. says

    hotrats, good to know!

    True about the backstory, but that’s kind of inevitable. I have a lot of readers who do know the backstory, so I usually don’t explain it. Sorry.

    But even with that, your surprise seems a little odd – the “comic” includes me. It’s not all that surprising that I would pay enough attention to do a quick post about it, is it? Most cartoons don’t include me! In fact, all of them don’t – except this one. This one photoshopped one: those aren’t my eyes.


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