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A little more on Rothamsted Research and its wheat trial.

It’s a research facility founded in the 19th century. It’s a charity and a company. Its funding is laid out on its corporate information page.

Rothamsted Research is a grouping of private organisations and is one of seven institutes sponsored by the  Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC). Rothamsted Research is a charity and a company  limited by guarantee and occupies land and buildings owned by the Lawes Agricultural Trust. The Rothamsted Research Association is an independent body that facilitates interaction and dialogue between researchers, especially those at Rothamsted, and practitioners in the agri-environment sector.

Sources of income as percentages for 2010/11 (total £29m) are shown in the figure below:

PIE chart of finances

I hope that helps.


  1. says

    Who designed that chart? How is it that the 2.9m from the EU looks smaller than the 0.3m, 0.7m and 0.8m next to it, and the amounts in it add up to 33.3m, not 29m.

  2. Synfandel says

    Sources of income as percentages for 2010/11 (total £29m) are shown…

    This new-fangled percentage notation has me confused. £13.2m is how many out of a hundred?

  3. 'Tis Himself says

    How come £2.9m is a much smaller wedge than the £1.7m and £0.3m wedges right next to it?

  4. says

    How many of the people wanting to trample the crops at Rothamsted are the same people campaigning against the MMR jab?

    ‘Cuz those two idiocies are often fellow travellers.

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