The UN plans to make everybody gay!!11!

And then there are those zany Spanish bishops.

During his Boxing Day sermon, the Bishop of Córdoba, Demetrio Fernández, said there was a conspiracy by the United Nations. “The Minister for Family of the Papal Government, Cardinal Antonelli, told me a few days ago in Zaragoza that UNESCO has a program for the next 20 years to make half the world population homosexual. To do this they have distinct programs, and will continue to implant the ideology that is already present in our schools.”

Wheeeeeee! Demetrio Fernández must have a whole wardrobe full of tinfoil hats.


  1. grumpyoldfart says

    So what will the Spanish Catholics do? Call for the Bishop to be sacked because he’s preaching nonsense?

    Not a chance. They’d rather swallow the lie than speak against a Bishop – cowards!

  2. says

    I wonder if this fellow’s read Joe Haldeman recently. I can’t tell if Haldeman’s absurdist all-homosexual society is satirical or not, but the Bishop obviously thinks there’s something to it.

  3. 'Tis Himself, OM. says

    I believe this is the same bishop who tried to blame homosexuals for clerical child-rapists. His homophobia is as strong as Ted Haggard’s and possibly for the same reason.

  4. F says


    You mean as in the Forever War? It is definitely a bit satirical wrt Starship Troopers. Some of that stuff, though, is meant to illustrate how your culture (or species) might change over time into something you might not immediately recognize, especially after contact with other cultures (or species).

    Maybe we can threaten the Bishop’s brain with the clonal hive-mind society. “Genetic engineers are going to destroy our souls!”

  5. philokgb says


    Yeah, I got Haldeman’s point; I just don’t know if he thinks an all-homosexual populace can be engineered or if he’s just having fun with the idea. Really it was the UN involvement that led me to the connection with the Bishop, although the UN is a rather common conspiracy bogeyman in any case.

  6. says

    I think Haldeman’s point was to illustrate the shock of troops who left America in the early 1960s where things were still kind of like “Happy Days”, did 3-4 years overseas, and came home to the free-love hippies taking over the culture.

    I don’t know how you’d turn anyone homosexual, but it sounds like really hard work for no coherent benefit to anyone. How would that ever work? Are they going to kidnap us straights one at a time, tie us up and force orgasms on us until we can’t have them any other way? Even if that worked, all it would do is create a huge population of really selfish and demanding lovers, and who would go through all the effort for that?

    More than that, it sounds like pretty obvious projection: the Catholic high command would LOVE to institute a worldwide involuntary brainwashing program to turn the WHOLE world Catholic. I’m surprised that their fevered imaginations allow them to think that the Homosexual Conspiracy would settle for half.

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