Hank Fox’s book

I’m reading Hank Fox’s book Blue Collar Atheist – and it’s fantastic.

He has me choking up on one page, then giggling on the next, then shrieking with laughter on the next. He’s a genius with metaphors. I love love love this book.

Some good lines –

…we live in a society so permeated by goddiness that the idea that there might not be a God seems perversely even more mystical. [p 5]

On the emancipation of escaping the entanglement of religion and the peace that goes with it:

It was the peace of understanding that, while there might be quite a lot of the world unknown to me, there was nothing purposely concealed. [p 14]

I love that. It’s exactly what I think: the hiding cheating lying tricking aspect of the putative god is one of the things that I hate the most.

There’s an absolutely brilliant bit about candy bars and explanation, that culiminates with the mystery of M&Ms – that was the bit that got a window-rattling shriek of laughter from me this morning.

Tell all your friends. Seriously.



  1. MrPeach says

    Mmmm, M&Ms! I just happen to be stuffing my face with some as I read this post. Clearly I will have to buy this book.

  2. Hank Fox says

    Thank you for the great review! Can’t tell you how good it feels to have people like the book.

    Anyone interesting in buying it, the best place way to find it online is to just go to the book’s Amazon page.

    There are several other reviews there and a more elaborate description of the book if you need to know more.

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