1. Don says

    This is really crossing the line.

    J&M has been around for years without apparent rage, indignation or hysteria. (Unless you cont Giberson.) I guess UCL want to change that.

  2. evilDoug says

    Say it ain’t so! Say Barmaid (rumored to be …) hasn’t become an accommodationist! Say she’s just taking a day off to muster extra strength for the next blast. At least tell me she served them sour beer.

  3. jerthebarbarian says

    The Barmaid usually only reacts to their stupidity, so if they aren’t saying or doing anything stupid, she doesn’t react.

    If that’s being an accommodationist then sign me up to be an accomodationist. Because if religious folks promise to stop saying/doing stupid and dangerous things I’ll stop pointing out that they’re being stupid and dangerous. But – and this is key – they have to make the first move.

  4. Pierce R. Butler says

    The levels in the boys’ glasses aren’t dropping.

    Is the sound of sipping offensive too?

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