Remove that offensive image at once please

And while we’re at it…we might as well be at it, don’t you think?



The purposes of debate.


Have I removed it enough yet?


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    Awww… you’re just posting these to stir shit and get more hits, aren’t you? You’ve got to find ones that question their manhood if you’re going to make it in this world.

  2. says

    Let’s see how else we can tie this to other events around the FTBiosphere…

    D.J. Grothe with be around in a moment to state “Muslim calls for violence in response to cartoons are unjustifiable” followed by 47 paragraphs about how you’re being unfair to Muslims, it is your fault for provoking their violent reaction, you’re only doing it for the lulz and them phat-azz blogging bucks, and by the way did you hear how awesome this year’s TAM is going to be? This year we’re allowing women AND coloreds Negros Afro-Americans People of Color to speak… as long as they watch their language, accept being interrupted, and don’t offend any white men who are friends (IRL or Facebook) with D.J. and are therefore above criticism.

    I don’t know… if we can’t make fun of it, how can we deal with it?

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