1. Francisco Bacopa says

    Thanks for letting me know about this. Occupy Houston already has a weekly support demonstration at the Egyptian Consulate, we’ve started sending support to gay rights protesters at the Russian Consulate. I think the Syrians need a visit. Google maps tells me they are near I-10 and Wirt Road. Hard trip by bus from Tranquility Park, but I think we can get two carloads there. I have a car. I am going to the next three Assemblies. I will introduce this as a proposal. But Assembly proposals aren’t worth crap. I’ll put it to a proposal vote on Weds, it will pass. That will mean nothing except those who voted for it might be somewhat inclined to support it.

    I have to make the next Direct Action workgroup, and the next strategy meeting to get this done.

    Nah, I think I’ll just print up some fliers about this case, buy some glue, and find two or three hotheads to paste the fliers on the walls of the consulate. I am tired of the assemblies and workgroups. I’ll just pass a proposal Weds night, load up some hotheads, and drive to the consulate.

  2. Francisco Bacopa says

    Talked about this issue before tonight’s Assembly and found out Occupy Houston is already sending support to local Syrian activist groups, both Christian and Muslim. Still might print some fliers. I’ll do it at the unemployment office. I may have a job now, but my account on their computers is still good and color ink ain’t cheap.

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