1. Josh, Official SpokesGay says

    Ooooh! Ooooooh!!!!!! Ophelia’s here at FtB! OMG, somebody got chocolate in my peanut butter, and vice versa!

  2. mariethereseoloughlin says

    Congratulations, OB! I note that your blue butterfly fits perfectly against the blue backdrop of FtB. Enjoy your new ‘blue period’ home.

  3. Godless Heathen says

    Is there a way to subscribe to the comments through an RSS feed? I did that on your old blog and it was really nice!

  4. says

    Yup, pretty close to the same way it worked at the old site — adding “/feed” to the end of the URL for any individual post will give you an RSS feed for the comments on that individual post, and is the RSS feed for all comments on B&W.

    I should probably add a sidebar with the appropriate links; I’ll look into that.

    [Edited after posting to fix the second URL. –Josh]

  5. says

    Oh, and in fact there are links to the site’s post and comments RSS feeds at the top right of the page, just to the left of the facebook icon and search bar. So really all that’s missing is a link to individual post comments feeds. Hrm. I wrote that into the theme at the other site. Maybe I can do it with javascript here.

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