ARGH! That’s not what supporting trans people looks like!!

On today’s issue of “you’re doing it wrong,” WWE Superstar “Goldust” announces that their trans stepchild was attacked by young white men–and both his statements and the article covering them flip-flop back and forth on the pronouns! (emphasis mine)

Goldust is furious after three unidentified men attacked his transgender stepson on Friday night. The veteran WWE wrestler, however, has not disclosed as to where the incident took place or the nature of injuries sustained by his stepchild.

The 47-year-old wrestler (real name Dustin Runnels) issued a statement on Facebook and warned that if he was there, the perpetrators would be on “life support”

“My step son who is a transgender was attacked last night and I’m f*****g p****d. Grow the eff up and let people live their lives the way they choose. Stop all this hateful crap towards one another,” Goldust wrote.

“The three men who attacked and beat her up are still out there. You boys are three lucky individuals that I wasn’t there or you would [be] on life support,” he added.

After Goldust revealed the news, fans and followers of the wrestlers have reached out to him in support.

“I know I lost my temper when I read what happened, had a right to be angry but if someone is transgender so what love them for who they are if ya don’t walk the other way leave them alone there is no room for that kind of hate we are all different in are own way God loves everyone he created us every fd one believe that,” a fan of the wrestler wrote.

“There’s just too much hate, and the haters have become emboldened. I’m sending healing thoughts to your stepdaughter, and positive thoughts to your family. You are awesome for supporting her. Not everyone is so lucky,” another said


Listen: When trans people are literally attacked on the basis of our identity, the absolute last thing we want from supporters is to be figuratively attacked a second time on the basis of our identity by media coverage and relatives who can’t be fucking arsed to get our names and pronouns right. Invalidating our identities–the very thing targeted by this violence–is not support!

This is negligent, cissexist media coverage to the nth degree. I hope the kid is okay.