Snark of the Month: August edition

Ha! Joke’s on you. It’s Snark of the Mostly Arbitrary Time Limit Until I Have Enough Traffic To Do This Every Month.

In an effort to encourage engagement, I’m going to start doling out awards for good snark.

Your award is… praise! And confetti. You can’t see it, but I’m popping a confetti popper.

So, for August:


Snark of the Month: EigenSprocketUK

Over on Trump Youth: Totally not Hitler Youth, commentator fakeemailaddress shared a story about an idea they had for a joke:

fakeemailaddress says


For the past few months, I’ve been joking that if I had a bunch of spare cash and a hundred or so friends who were interested in performance art, I’d make a bunch of snazzy pseudo-military uniforms, get everyone dressed up, and march around in formation at Trump rallies. All questions would be referred to “The Don”. If Trump want to act like he’s one uniformed paramilitary short of a 1930s fascist, I’d give him his uniformed paramilitary.

Alas, I have neither the friends, the organizational skills, nor the spare cash to pull this off. It sounds like this person is trying to do something similar, except not as a joke.

To which our Snark of the Month winner, EigenSprocketUK, wrote:

#6 FakeAddress – well, it would start as a joke.

Oh, authoritarians.

Runner Up: militantagnostic

The obvious solution is to deport the economically marginalized. If any terrorist attacks occur after deporting the bottom 10%, deport the bottom 10% of the remaining population and so on. Success is guaranteed. You lefties have no common sense.



Keep snarking in September, fine readers, there were many excellent comments to choose from and I hope for many more.