Thanksgiving 2020: A Socially-Distanced Holiday

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. There are no ridiculous religious celebrations or scrambling to buy gifts — it’s just dad’s amazing cooking and my family’s laughter. It’s low key and a social situation I actually look forward to. We all crowd into the kitchen at my dad’s condo and have a beer before the meal. We then stuff ourselves full of yummy food before my uncle leads us outside for a fart walk. 

Thanksgiving is one of our family’s best traditions for sure, so obviously I’m pretty bummed that it’s not going to happen this year. 

But we all know the importance of staying home.

Thanksgiving will just be another day that I keep my head down and write. There’s been a lot of those the past several months.

What’s your socially-distanced holiday going to look like?

Stay safe no matter how you decide to spend your day.


  1. Some Old Programmer says

    I suppose I’m fortunate, as our Thanksgiving won’t change much. I’ve always made the dinner (my husband is tenuous about cooking), and as we’re a family of 5, I’m out to buy ingredients early in the week. The ritual of spraying packaging with disinfectant and irradiating the rest with an ultraviolet wand is new, but we do what can to stay safe.

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