Trans Rights Will Provoke Last Judgment of God.

Youtube Screenshot. Carl Gallups at Trump Rally.

Youtube Screenshot. Carl Gallups at Trump Rally.

Carl Gallups, a far-right pastor who has been embraced by Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, spoke with Charlottesville, Virginia, radio host Rob Schilling on Friday about the Obama administration’s recent directive on transgender rights in public schools, which he said was the sign of the impending End Times and a possible clue about something wrong in Obama’s “personal life.”

“For years I’ve been saying, ‘Look, look, we’re living in very prophetic times,’” Gallups said. “Israel is back in the land, Russia and China are in the Middle East, ISIS has exploded, Christianity is being exterminated, on and on down the list you can go … And so, now, we turn to what Jesus said in Luke 17. He said, ‘Look, in the very last days before my return, it’s going to be just like it was in the days of Lot, Sodom and Gomorrah, the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah will sweep the planet.’ And we’re watching that happen before our eyes.”

He said that “it’s not just Christians” who are upset about policies allowing transgender people to use the bathroom that matches their gender identity because even “ultra-liberal people … don’t want their little six-year-old girl molested in the bathroom because some hairy guy decides he feels like a girl that day and follows their little pretty little girl into the bathroom under federal decree.”


Earlier in the interview, Gallups speculated that there is “something” in Obama’s “personal life that would cause him to be absolutely fixated upon this sexual deviancy and this danger to our children and this perversion and insanity and this whole fixation upon this radical transgender movement.”

He hinted that this “something” might have to do with pornography, noting that the president’s official Twitter account, which is run by staffers at the Organizing for Action organization, has been found to follow some porn stars among the more than 636,000 accounts it follows.

“So, it’s demonic,” Gallups said, “and there obviously is a fixation upon this with the man in the White House now.

Persecute Me! C’mon, Please Persecuuuute Me!


Oh my, Matt Barber has a post up at Town Hall, flogging his recent book on the Liberal Agenda of Hating Jesus, and begging to be seen as terribly oppressed and persecuted.

The answer had to be yes. The Holy Spirit made it crystal clear. When Tristan Emmanuel, managing publisher and CFO of BarbWire Books, called me and said it was time for me to put pen to paper and write a book on the anti-Christian left’s demonic war on religious liberty (and all things godly and good), I immediately agreed.

I suppose it’s good policy to say yes to your own publishing company.

Why did I write the book? Because it had to be written. God’s natural created order, His immutable, scientific and transcendent moral precepts, as well as the very lives and livelihoods of Christian Americans, are under vicious attack today at a level unprecedented in American history.

Just once, I’d like for this supposed ‘God’ to speak for itself. I mean, take away all the rainbows or something. Anything. Holler from the mountaintops, whisper from the depths, something that isn’t yet another paranoid bigot pretending to speak for the Big, Bad, All Knowing God. (And then I wouldn’t have to dig through stacks of these books when I’m looking for the good stuff at thrift stores. You wouldn’t believe how many copies of A Purpose Driven Life are languishing on dusty thrift store shelves.)

There are evil blasphemies beyond imagination being foisted upon the American people today by our own godless government in the name of “progress.” Things like presidential edicts that open up little girls’ showers to grown men; the sin-centric and oxymoronic notion of “gay marriage”; forced taxpayer funding of child sacrifice; and forced participation by Christ’s followers in all the above sins, under penalty of law, to name but a few.

Oy, there’s no end to the ooze of melodrama. Most of this is old hat, the same old they’ve been moaning about, but I have to ask, how in the hell did transgender rights morph into little girls’ showers? I’m not interested in invading a little girls’ shower, wherever that might be found, outside a school. Those aren’t public lavs, and why the fuck would grown men be getting in to them? If you aren’t a teacher, I expect most grown men have other places to be. I expect most adult teachers have no particular desire to invade a little girls’ shower, either. It’s telling that the only ones consistently bringing up this little girls’ shower business are white, male, Christians.

Indeed, it is not just within the church’s purview, but it is the church’s duty to insert itself into state matters relating to morality, public policy and culture at large.

The push back has begun. Christian governors, lawmakers, business owners, lawyers, parents, judges, county clerks, organizations, universities, hospitals, adoption agencies and other individuals and groups have been given an ultimatum by the anti-Christian left: “Keep your Christianity at church and away from our culture!”

To which we say, “Not on your life.”

“Or our own.”

Oh, for Crispy Christ Onna Stick’s Sake. Like Ms. Garbo, I just want to be left alone.

The full screed be here.

Sunday Facepalm: The Great, Straight, White Hope.

Oh, pardon, that should be The Great, Straight, Christian, Male, White Hope. Dave Daubenmire says so.

“The attack that’s going on in America today is against the white, heterosexual male,” he said. “That’s the battle. If Satan can get control of the family, if they can get the white, heterosexual male removed from the scene, if they can get him ‘de-balled,’ if I will, if they can do that, there is nothing to hold back the forces of darkness in America.”

“It’s not racist, it’s the truth,” he added.

Daubenmire then argued that the war on poverty caused fatherless African-American households because the government became the parent. Now, he said, the government’s “sights are set on the white, heterosexual male.”

He declared that there are “forces of darkness that are working to overthrow this nation and overthrow this world on behalf of the prince of the power of the air, the prince of darkness.” To control the world, Daubenmire argued, these forces will first have to defeat white, heterosexual, Christian American males.

That’s not all! Ol’ Dave also weighed in on transgender issues:

On “Talkback with Chuck Wilder” this Tuesday, Ohio Religious Right activist “Coach” Dave Daubenmire suggested men today need to “man up” with “pitchforks and torches” to fight transgender people’s use of bathrooms that match their gender identity.

“What would our forefathers have done?” Daubenmire asked. “What would they have done two generations ago if the president of the United States tried to tell them to let men walk into their kids’ bathrooms?” Daubenmire answered his own question: “There’d have been pitchforks and torches. They’d have gone downtown and they’d have gotten things straightened out.”

“They would say, ‘We need that committee that was talking to the Salem witches,’” Wilder said. Wilder and Daubenmire then discussed whether witches are male or female. “Whatever, it doesn’t matter,” Daubenmire said.

“What’s wrong with us, Chuck?” Daubenmire asked. “How is it that we’re so sissified that daddies are going to let perverts violate their daughters’ restrooms?” He agreed with Wilder’s statement that that “political correctness” and “insisting on diversity” are the main problems that led to this. Wilder said that under Obama, areas require “X amount of Chinese, black, white, I’m sure we gotta get the Syrians in there now. Diversity, I’m telling you, it’s scary. You know, let America be America without any prejudice, and it should work perfectly.”

Yes, I’m sure that would work wonderfully. You just have to get all the non-Christian, non-white, non-hetero people to leave. Perhaps if you ask nicely? My guess would be no.

Oh Fuck. No.

ND Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem

ND Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem

Oh, look, I get to hang my head in shame now, along with a lot of other people. Fuck.

North Dakota Republican Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem said Friday morning he will file a lawsuit against the federal government over transgender bathroom policies.

Stenehjem said he is working to bring together a “coalition” of attorneys general to file a lawsuit next week in the Eighth Circuit of the U.S. Court of Appeals, which includes North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri and Arkansas. Officials from 11 states, led by Texas, took legal action this week over the Obama administration directing public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identities.

Stenehjem said the lawsuit he’s bringing is “basically the same” as the one brought by the other states.


Kylie Oversen, chairwoman of the North Dakota Democratic-NPL Party, said it was “disappointing to see Stenehjem’s response to this directive.”

“Whether it’s at the workplace, in housing, the voting booth, or public spaces, discrimination in all forms is flat out wrong,” she said in an email.

State Rep. Marvin Nelson, the Democratic candidate for North Dakota governor, was also critical of Stenehjem’s decision. He said transgender people are probably the least likely to want to “create an issue in the bathroom.”

“I don’t know why the state of North Dakota would be spending money on this lawsuit,” Nelson said, adding other states have already taken legal action.

Via Inforum, full story here.

Stenehjem isn’t joining the existing lawsuit against the government, he’s writing up his own, but says it will mirror what other states are doing.

That statement welcomed from the North Dakota School Board Association.

“This will give courts the opportunity to really consider the legitimacy of the Obama Administration’s directive,” says Jon Martinson, who is a part of the School Board Association.

The School board association says Obama’s proposal isn’t specific enough on who is a transgender child.

“A simple declaration that now on Wednesday, I’m a female, I’m declaring myself a female, although genetically and biologically I’m a male, and I want to be able to use now the women’s bathroom and the women’s locker room, is not going to fly,” said Martinson.


“Children and their education shouldn’t be politicized like this,” says Kristen Benson, Family Therapist

Benson says she often hears horror stories about life for those in the transgender community.

“She was a transgender child and she was so scared to use the restroom and didn’t feel like they didn’t have the support at school, so they didn’t eat or drink anything while at school. Because that is how they could avoid this issue, and no child should have to do that,” says Benson.


A debate of a political or lived experience, that will take months and money to fight.

“It’s a travesty that we are wasting time, energy and money to prevent children from using the restroom when there are children in this state who aren’t eating,” said Benson.

Via WDAY6, full story here.

Going back to the Inforum article for a moment, I took part in their poll:


Pork-dipped Bullets and Armed Idiots.

Texas militia member -- (AJPlus screen grab)

Texas militia member — (AJPlus screen grab)

In a video posted to Twitter by AJPlus, weekend warriors in Texas explain that they will be using bullets dipped in pigs blood or smeared with bacon’ grease when the time comes to stop the “Arab uprising” they believe will overrun their state.

In the video, one unidentified militia member explains the importance of using pork-dipped bullets.

“A lot of us here are using either pig’s blood or bacon grease on our bullets, ” he explains, adding, “So that when you shoot a Muslim they go straight to hell. That’s what they believe in their religion.”

Added another militia member, “Don’t f*ck with white people,” before showing off his shooting prowess with a shotgun.

I don’t think I can say anything remotely reasonable about these people, so I’ll just go with Fuck. Scary.

Via AJPlus and Raw Story.

The Nazi Tweets of ‘Trump God Emperor’

Adam Maida.

Adam Maida.

THE first tweet arrived as cryptic code, a signal to the army of the “alt-right” that I barely knew existed: “Hello ((Weisman)).” @CyberTrump was responding to my recent tweet of an essay by Robert Kagan on the emergence of fascism in the United States.

“Care to explain?” I answered, intuiting that my last name in brackets denoted my Jewish faith.

“What, ho, the vaunted Ashkenazi intelligence, hahaha!” CyberTrump came back. “It’s a dog whistle, fool. Belling the cat for my fellow goyim.” With the cat belled, the horde was unleashed.

The anti-Semitic hate, much of it from self-identified Donald J. Trump supporters, hasn’t stopped since. Trump God Emperor sent me the Nazi iconography of the shiftless, hooknosed Jew. I was served an image of the gates of Auschwitz, the famous words “Arbeit Macht Frei” replaced without irony with “Machen Amerika Great.” Holocaust taunts, like a path of dollar bills leading into an oven, were followed by Holocaust denial. The Jew as leftist puppet master from @DonaldTrumpLA was joined by the Jew as conservative fifth columnist, orchestrating war for Israel. That one came from someone who tagged himself a proud future member of the Trump Deportation Squad.

The full article is here. I had a look at Mr. Weisman’s twitter stream. There was an astonishing amount of ugly, gleeful hate on display, replete with violence and threats. If you’re easily queased, don’t go looking. This is one of the lighter things posted, where I see I am included in the icky foreigner category:

Ci13ci7XAAAidm1.jpg large

A Girl in the Bathroom! Humiliation! Intimidation!

Matt Stewart (WDIV).

Matt Stewart (WDIV).

Matt Stewart said his 9-year-old son told him a girl who identifies as a boy was permitted to use the restroom alongside him at Southwest Elementary School in Livington, reported the Detroit Free Press.

“My son informed me there was a girl in the bathroom with him and the other kids in his class,” Stewart told WXYZ-TV.

He said a staff member was present when several children used the boys’ restroom at the same time.


Stewart has demanded answers from the Howell Public Schools Board of Education, but he said administrators cited privacy rules and have declined to comment on the matter — so he’s keeping his boys, who are all under age 10, home in protest.

“I have three children in Southwest Elementary School and they are being humiliated and intimidated,” Stewart said. “Our kids are absent from school until there’s a policy in place that keeps them from being humiliated or intimidated.”


“The bottom line: A 9-year-old girl is in the boys’ bathroom with my son,” the father said, saying no safeguards were in place to keep the girl from walking out of a bathroom stall and see a boy urinating.

Ummm, so are you worried about your boys being in the same room with a girl (the horror!), or a trans boy seeing a penis? Much ado over nothing indeed.

Full Story Here.

Make That Twelve.

Gov. Phil Bryant. AP Photo.

Gov. Phil Bryant. AP Photo.

On Wednesday, I posted Eleven States Sue in the Name of Bigotry. Phil Bryant wants to make it twelve.

Mississippi Gov. Phil Bryant plans to join 11 states in a suit against the Obama administration for issuing a guidance document May 13 that suggests public schools allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms that correspond with their gender identity.

“In regards to the 11 state lawsuit against the Obama administration over its bathroom directive, our office has talked to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s office and I intend, as soon as possible, to join the lawsuit against this latest example of federal overreach,” the governor wrote on his Facebook page Thursday.

Just what it is these asses think they are proving, I don’t know. From my perspective, they are doing a fine job of proving their brains are atrophied and their prime characteristic is that of throwing a temper tantrum.

Full story here.

Gambling on Anti-Transgender Policy.

Grayson County Superintendent Kelly Wilmore.

Grayson County Superintendent Kelly Wilmore.

The schools in Grayson County, Virginia have a new policy governing their bathrooms and locker rooms, and it’s the exact opposite of what the Obama administration recently recommended in its guidance on accommodating transgender students. School officials credited the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) for both drafting the policy and encouraging them to implement it, but they might someday regret trusting the conservative legal organization.

The “Student Physical Privacy Policy” ADF drafted for Grayson County’s schools is pretty straight-forward. All school bathrooms, locker rooms, and shower rooms must be separated by sex, and “sex” is determined by “anatomy and genetics existing at the time of birth.” It further states that “an individual’s original birth certificate” — emphasis on “original” — can be used as “definitive evidence” of a person’s sex.

If a school wants to accommodate trans students, principals must segregate those students to single-stall restrooms or “controlled use of an employee restroom, locker room, or shower.” They definitely are not allowed to use facilities that match their gender identity.

Superintendent Kelly Wilmore told the conservative outlet LifeSiteNews that his concerns have been “safety and privacy,” not politics. “It’s not that hard to claim that you’re now a transgender student,” he surmised. “All you gotta do is have a note from your parents, go and talk to the principal, and suddenly you’re transgender.”

And Wilmore has a number of reasons he isn’t worried about legal backlash. First, he believes that by segregating and ostracizing trans students, it’s actually protecting them from harassment. Second, he doesn’t think there are any transgender students in the district, so there’s no one to object. But most importantly, he’s convinced that ADF will have his back.

“The policy we adopted was written by the Alliance Defending Freedom organization,” he openly admitted, and they “claim that if we adopt their policy and it is contested,” they will come to the school district’s defense for free.

Oh, the twisted reasoning of banal evil. Segregation and ostracization is now protection. That’s terribly convenient, if you’re a bigot. This really is Civil Rights Movement II. It’s the same language, the same fucked up reasoning, the same dehumanization.

Full Story Here.

Christians, We Are At War.



Seriously suffering a melodrama overdose here. As if this wasn’t bad enough, the rhetoric keeps screeching higher and higher. Now we have Christians, we are at war. Maybe it’s time we accept that fact. It’s a very long screed, replete with bible passages, exhortations, charts, and graphs, all delivered at a fevered pitch over Christianity quavering at the cliff edge of extinction. No more of this Mr. Nice Jesus, no sir. It’s time for I’ll fry your ass and toss you burning into hell Jesus. Yep.

It’s not fun to think about, I realize, but war is not supposed to be fun. Especially not this kind of war. A war where the casualties are lost in the fires of Hell. A war where the enemy plots to rip your soul out of your chest and drag it into the darkness forever. A war that cannot be escaped. A war that conscripts every human on the planet into combat, on one side or the other, whether they like it or not. A war that we must train our children to fight. A war that could claim their souls, too, if we do not train them well. A war that will not be over until the end of the world. A war that God will ultimately win, but many human beings – maybe even including you, personally, and me – will lose if we die fighting for the wrong side.

These are not enjoyable thoughts. They are downright terrifying, in fact. But we cannot make the reality of our situation disappear any more than we could have wished away WWII by closing our eyes and hiding under our bed while the Germans dropped explosives on London. We can think all the nice thoughts and sing all the happy songs we want, but optimism never saves anyone when the bombs start falling. And it won’t save us from Hell. Indeed, it’s much more likely to send us there.


Christ came to separate us from our sin – a violent, painful process that requires a sword, and leads straight to the cross. And He doesn’t stop there. He enlists all of us to join Him in His ancient war against evil. A war that, even if it does not get us physically killed (although, depending on where you live, it may), it’s a war that will cause deep divisions and strife in our communities and even our families. There is nothing particularly peaceful about that.

The peace comes later, and only to his good and faithful soldiers. Those who will not take up their cross – that is, embrace the suffering and sacrifice required to gain holiness – will be deemed unworthy of Him in the end. Whoever finds his life and his peace and his happiness in worldly pursuits and worldly pleasures will lose it eternally. But whoever is willing to lay down his life – not a peaceful process, by any means – will be given life in Heaven.

Christ is not calling us to an earthly existence of endless fun and decadent luxury. He is calling us to die. And in the meantime, He is cordially inviting us to be despised by the whole world. “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved” (Matthew 10:22).


Therefore, despite my valued reader’s claims, I am not trying to “bring us back to the days of Christian holy wars.” We never left those days. I cannot “bring us back” to conditions that have already existed since the dawn of time. All I can do, all anyone can do, is acknowledge that the war is on, and then choose a side. But no matter what we choose, the holy war is happening. God and the Devil and angels and demons are fighting, right now, as we speak, and the battlefield is the heart of man, to paraphrase Dostoevsky.

And so to the first statement – that “militant Christianity” is “driving people away from the church” – I say, good. The church is by its nature a militant organization of faithful soldiers waging a never-ending assault against the powers of darkness. The more it takes on that tone and that appearance, the better. And the more we weed out the bored, insincere and feckless, the better. If a person is “driven away” because the truth scares them, let them leave. Better they join the enemy outright than stay as infiltrators in our ranks, attempting to entice more believers into their cowardly, wicked way of thinking.


There is no room anymore to try and appease and cajole and compromise with the world. The Devil has cut great, wide roads through our culture, and for decades he has encountered almost no resistance. The signs of his enormous success are all around us. I don’t need to provide examples, but here are a few anyway:

  • There’s an abortion clinic in nearly every city, murdering children and selling their parts.
  • The vast majority of women who get abortions are Christian.
  • Gay marriage is now enshrined as a “human right.”
  • majority of American Christians reject the Bible’s teachings on sexuality and abortion.
  • majority of American Christians can’t be bothered to go to church once a month, let alone once a week.
  • Atheism is surging.
  • Cohabitation is becoming more popular than marriage.
  • Porn is one of the most profitable industries in America, especially in the Bible Belt.
  • All of our most powerful institutions – government, media, Hollywood, academia – are propagators of far-left ideology.
  • What should be our most powerful institution, the family, is crumbling. At least 43 percent of kids in the United States live without fathers in the home.
  • Half of my generation believes women can have penises and men can have vaginas.
  • This election season.

And so on.

And so on indeed. The dramatic glurge continues here, from a self-titled professional truth sayer. Seems to me that someone in such dire need of being seen as persecuted, there are plenty of places in this world they could go where that would actually happen. It’s interesting how they never manage to do that, but they do find plenty of time to wax dramatic over how all people having basic human rights is going to affect them so terribly, oh yes, when the truth of the matter is that it won’t affect them in the least.