Project Phoenix – Part 1 – Beginning

It s fucking freezing outside and barely any daylight. When trying to work in the workshop, I spend more time heating it to a manageable temperature than actually working. And I am starting to feel mightily depressed.

So I am starting a new project to keep me somewhat occupied when indoors. I want to make a bobbin lace picture of a phoenix. It will probably progress very slowly and I will make short posts about the whole process. Today the very beginning – a rough sketch.

© Charly, all rights reserved. Click for full size

My mother would iterate and refine this sketch on paper until she would get one she is satisfied with and that one she would trace on thicker paper. I am going about the business a bit differently – I will now refine the outines in photoshop. We shall see what comes out of it (if).


  1. Tethys says

    Is there something in the air? I’ve got a few different projects going that involve birds, one of which is a beaded crocheted sphere. (I’ve broken the thread twice testing the pattern to see if it’s workable)

    That’s a lovely phoenix but I can’t imagine how you will turn that into a usable lace making pattern. It’s so complex!! I look forward to pictures of each step. :)

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