Some Small Good News

Small in the grand scheme of things, but huge for me. I was highly strung these last few weeks, and even more so this weekend and today. Some of that pressure is off my shoulders – for now, anyway.

My mother’s right hip completely collapsed. She has been on pain medication for several years now and nothing was helping anymore. A year ago she was offered hip replacement surgery, but she declined due to the risks involved at her age. I have tried my best to tactfully warn her that she should go on with the surgery because the pain will only get worse and eventually unbearable, but I was perhaps too tactful. Last fall the pain did become unbearable and she decided to go on with the surgery. Her state was so bad that she got fast-tracked and instead of a two-year waiting period it was just a few months. And today she had the surgery.

I have just got an SMS from her that the surgery was successful, she is OK and in an intensive care ward. Not due to complications but due to her advanced age – it was arranged beforehand. I hope the rest of her convalescence goes well too and she will be relieved of the intense pain at least. The reduced mobility is a problem but I did not mind helping her to put shoes on and helping her down the stairs when she had to leave the house – inside the house, she was relatively mobile for I have foreseen this and when we renovated interiors I have made the ground floor without barriers. There are solutions to help with reduced mobility and one can get used to it. No one can get used to pain that gets worse every day.

There is still a war in Ukraine, a mass shooting in the USA twice a week, a new potential pandemic looming whilst the last one still did not end and a climate crisis without apparent care from the powers that be but forgive me, all those problems paled into insignificance to me this last week. In a way, I was glad I had the huge pile of firewood to sort out. It kept me busy and there was no risk of injury if I were distracted.


  1. Ice Swimmer says

    Yay for your mother’s surgery succeeding.

    One cannot constantly keep the focus on the whole world in these times. I know I can’t. Embracing the positive things when they come keeps one sane. As you know.

  2. Jazzlet says

    All of our small things add up to make our lives, and our lives are the reality of our countries whatever the poiticians are doing. I am so glad the operation has gone well, and I hope your mother has a straight forward recovery. She is very lucky to have you to look after her so well!

  3. Tethys says

    I’m pleased to hear that your Mom is doing well. I hope she makes a full recovery and regains her mobility.

    I’ve also been enjoying all your rock garden posts.
    It’s important to give yourself enjoyment in the small things, especially when daily life is chaotic.

    I shall take my own advice, and go plant flowers in the garden.

  4. kestrel says

    That is great news. By coincidence, The Partner just had hip replacement surgery. It’s not quite two weeks and already there is huge improvement in pain levels and mobility. Now, The Partner did not wait until the agony was so great it was unbearable, so it may take a little bit longer for your Mom. But I bet she’s going to really appreciate it in… oh, maybe a month? And all the days that she has thereafter. Although, I think it’s normal to have a lot of pain at first because after all they just cut a big hole in her and sawed off the top of her leg. So yes, she has to recover from all of that, but after that I believe she’s going to be really glad she had it done. We’ve had a lot of friends remark to us, Why did I wait so long to do it? Very best wishes to her for a speedy recovery and renewed enjoyment of life!

  5. says

    I’m glad to hear that all went well.
    If I have a wish for my own old age, it is to not become too stubborn and thus unnecessarily prolong things like necessary surgery or moving. Though, knowing myself, I probably won’t escape the fate of “had I known this, I would have done it years ago” .

  6. avalus says

    Really, that is big good news. I hope she makes a good recovery with minimal pain!

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