Small resin project: Totoro

If by now you’re annoyed with my obsession for the cute monster, you’re out of luck. With the temperatures increasing I finally got around to doing some small resin projects again. There are some larger ones that I’ve been wanting to do for a while now, but honestly, I don’t have the spoons. Right now I need instant gratification like a toddler.

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I got the moulds a while ago and I must say, they really came out cute. I worked with a combination of epoxy and UV resin. First I cast the bodies in grey and then I painted in the details with UV resin. The former took about 3 min, the latter about 3 hours, because I needed to cure the resin in layers. I finished them into a pair of earrings, 4 pins and 2 keychains. The small ones are a bit more bunny than Totoro, but they’re cute nevertheless.


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    They are kyute.

    I feel you on the instant gratification too. I have contacted my doc, got informed that I misunderstood the instructions, adjusted my meds accordingly and I still have no strength and energy to do anything meaningful. There are four knife sets that need just a few hours to get finished and I am not doing it.

    I have managed to wash the windows today though.

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    Urgh, thyroid medication needs time, best of luck that your power will return soon. Washing the windows is on my list for tomorrow. I still have the Christmas paintings on them (thank goodness I go for more generic wintery motives)

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