Garden update: Harvest is upon us

Autumn is sneaking in, which means that it will soon be time to say goodbye to the lush colours of the garden. But before we leave for winter, things are still growing.

Butternut squash on a planting stone

©Giliell, all rights reserved

There are finally some butternut squash. they’re pretty late, but this is the second one we ate and there’s a couple more. My corn (not pictured) was a mixed success. While the regular sweetcorn was ok (but I only had four stalks), the black popcorn maize put out cobs way too late and didn’t grow tall either. I doubt that it will still ripen and I’m a bit at loss as to why that happened. Can’t be the soil or anything I did, since both varieties were planted next to each other…

I will have way more chilis than anybody can wish for…

Orange chili on a plant

©Giliell, all rights reserved

Somebody must have told this one a dirty joke, it’s turning red.

And last but not least: asters. They’re about the last food the bees get in autumn and aren’t they just amazing?

pink/purple aster with lots of buds

©Giliell, all rights reserved


  1. kestrel says

    I’m swimming in tomatoes, apples, plums, raspberries, and squash. The freezer is packed with green beans (which have started to flower again and produce MORE green beans), raspberries, spaghetti sauce and cider.

    I do love harvest time… once it’s over and everything is put up and stored away safely.

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