Whatever anyone says, the kids aren’t alright. Emotionally speaking, that is. But we deal, even if the current state of affairs makes it hard to be there for them. That’s today’s sad comment.

These motion shots always remind me of Caine (I miss her) and somehow I forgot to transfer the best one (working from my phone). But I’ll find it! There’s also still plenty of bird to get more.

Consider these teaser tit pics. But I will call them by their adorable Canadian name this time, because I also miss Canada. My mum is still being responsible and not flying back. So there’s that, too.

Chickadee whoosh… (c) rq

More chickadee whoosh… (c) rq

Chickadee whoosh while told off by a brambling. (c) rq


The Bangles – Hazy Shade of Winter

The original may still be the best, but I love this cover.


  1. Tethys says

    Wow, yellow sided chickadees. Any color is welcome in February, they look so sunny and cheerful.

    Look’s around. Leaves are brown. And the sky…is a hazy shade of winter.

    80s girl hair bands rule!!

  2. Ice Swimmer says

    Lovely great ones in motion.

    Also, I also love that version of the song. The drums hit hard, the guitars roll nicely and the way they play with the different vocal sounds of the ladies is beautiful.

  3. rq says

    It’s officially known as the great tit. And yes, they’re lovely in the winter.

    I will henceforth remember to caption the link with artist and title (added now), sorry for the suspense!

  4. says

    We don’t look at tits often enough (yes, I am 12…)
    Both great tits and blue tits, the most common around here are extremely beautiful birds with stunning colouration, but they’re so common that most people take them for background noise.

    *big hugs*
    Times are stressful enough, without added personal stress. I don’t anybody is alright right now.

  5. says

    Great tits are great but I had no luck with them this year so far. They come to the feeder regularly, but I just did not manage to get a decent picture this winter.

  6. Tethys says

    *googles blue tit*

    What a pretty bird. Both types of tits look like very colorful chickadees.

    Any day now I expect to start hearing the chickadees singing their spring time song of “green bird, green bird” instead of the chicka-dee-dee-dee call they sing the rest of the year.

  7. quotetheunquote says

    I miss Caine, too >:-(
    … even though I barely knew her, being still quite the newbie when her diagnosis hit. She always had such interesting bird photos to share.

    These Great “chickadees” are a real treat -- they remind me of one spring, years ago, when we went to see one that was visiting a feeder on Pelee Island, Ontario, of all places! Since they’re non-migratory, it was assumed to have hitched a ride all the way from Europe on some sort of cargo ship. So, it didn’t “count” (in the bird-watching sense), but of course that doesn’t affect the aestetic appeal of the sighting one jot. Still, I had to feel a bit sorry for it, being so far from home, not having any hope of finding one of its own to play with. I never saw it interacting with any of the local congeners (Black-capped Chickadees), but given how strongly clan-bonded chickadees are, I suspect their attitude to the big interloper would have been anything but cordial…


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